This cute little family belongs to my cousin Vickie. They are wonderful!Me and my cousin Vickie are only two months apart in age. Our moms are sisters. We have spent lots of time together our whole lives. Many family parties, sleepovers, and fun. She and I are very different, in many ways, but we love each other.

Today is her birthday!

She an a very determined, survivor. She has been through some of the hardest experiences and just keeps going. Maybe she is just stubborn. If she is, she gets it from our grandpa. That’s not a bad thing, sometimes you need to be stubborn to let life know that you can’t be beaten. You might get thrown for a loop, knocked down, but never beaten. She is very loving, a hard worker, widow to her sweetheart, an amazing mom, wonderful nana to sweet grand babies, and has a forever family that is very admirable.

I hope she continues to have a determined heart and to know that she is very important to me and that I’m so grateful for our friendship and love for a life time.

HaPpY bIrThDaY!, Vickie!!!


Family History Friday: A Sad Story

-Grandpa Bill-

Both of my Grandpa’s were alcoholics. My Grandpa Bill’s dad was an alcoholic too.

They say it is in the genes. When my Grandpa Bill was just a young dad, his father, John was kicked out of the house by his mother. She must have been frustrated with him. It was winter and cold. My Grandpa was called by the county hospital and told that his dad was in the hospital, he had pneumonia and it was very serious. She said that if he wanted to see him, he needed to get to the hospital. My Great-Grandpa John was a hard man. He wasn’t always kind when he disciplined his son, but Grandpa loved him. Grandpa got to the hospital, and as he was getting on the elevator, he passed an orderly bringing a deceased person down to the morgue. As he got to his father’s room, they told him he was too late, his father had passed away and they had already taken him. It was his father who was being taken off the elevator when he got on. It was Grandpa’s daddy’s 50th birthday. Grandpa cried and cried. He didn’t get to say good-bye to his father.

That story has always been hard for me to hear. Even when things don’t go just right in a family, they’re still our family. My Grandpa Bill still loved his dad. I’m sure they have had a chance to get know each other, and love each other better in the next life. Families are forever. If I learned anything from this story it is this, love each other, work hard on relationships, spend time with each other, never let an opportunity to say “I love you” pass by. If your relationship with your family wasn’t quite the best, and someone you love is gone, forgive yourself, and do better from now on. I believe my Grandpa’s heart was broken many times because of his family. I feel sad about how things were for Grandpa Bill, but because of him I will never have those same sad experiences, because of what I’ve learned from him. On the positive side, Grandpa married the sweetest Grandma alive and became the daddy to my mom and my aunt, and had a vey wonderful life with his little family. He was a very generous and loving man, and was always trying to do better. I love you Grandpa!

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Family History Friday: Collectables #4 Grandpa Bill

I have several things in my home from my maternal grandpa, Grandpa Bill. For some reason, maybe it was all the cool jobs he had, or the things he collected, but the things I have from him, I love to display around my home and yard. 

An old skeleton key! When I picture him using it, I have to smile.

Grandpa was a railroad switchman! This old lantern has seen better days, but I still love it. I also have some other things I will post later.  The neat thing about these items is that I think about Grandpa Bill whenever I see them. He passed away about 20 years ago. I miss him, but he is still part of my life, because I have lots of reminders of him. 

Family History Friday: Collectables-#2 Shelves

Shelves from Grandpa!

I love shelves. I have many in my home. Three of the shelves I have at my home are shelves I inherited from my Grandpa Bill. He bought the shelves from someone who was selling the shelves, that came out of the old trolley’s, that used to run through downtown Salt Lake City.

The shelves are a very beautiful and intricate design. The way I use them is different than they would be in the trolley, because they would normally be turned the opposite direction so that men could put their hats and women could put their umbrella’s, etc. on the shelf and they wouldn’t fall off.  Look how darling our little family was. This picture of our family was taken 15 years ago, but will always be my favorite. My kids are so cute and sweet!

I like to hang things from the shelf, so I put them on the wall upside down and put a rod across to hang things on. I love how they look in my home! When I see them I think of Grandpa. What a wonderful thing to have them around to remind me of him.This shelf is down in the toy area of the house. Love it! The shelves have become a favorite of mine in my home!

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy