Family History Friday (FHF): She had 16 Kids!!!!

My 4th great grandmother’s name is Charity.
 Charity had 16 children. How do we know? We know because she said told us. You might say, “how could she tell us, when she died in 1916?” She told us, on a census record. An important thing to remember about census records is that, depending on the year of the census, different questions may be asked. On two of the census records, the mother is asked “How many children did you have?” And “how many of them are still living?” The first time the questions are asked is on the 1900 census. Charity said she had 16 children, but only ten children were listed by name. That meant that 6 children were missing. They could either be old enough to be married, or they could have passed away. From this we could tell, those six children needed to be found somewhere. But where? Other places to look, include: earlier census records, birth, and death records. We were successful in finding 5 of the missing children. They were born and died in England before she came to America. One was still missing, but her story will be told on the next FHF. 
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Happy, Happy 100th POST!!! 100 WAYS TO CHOOSE JOY!!!

100 ways to choose JOY!
(in no particular order);)
100-go for a walk
99-cuddle your sweetheart
98-jump on a trampoline
97-research your family tree
96-go for a drive
95-clean a closet
94-serve dinner at a shelter
93-play scrabble
92-cuddle a sleeping baby
91-watch “The Princess Bride”
90-read a good book
89-make a new friend
88-make treats for your neighbor
87-do some ironing
86-take a long hot shower
85-lay on the grass and watch the clouds
84-watch planes take off and land
83- give the dog a bath
82-call an old friend
81-look at your eyes in the mirror
80-go to a museum
79-let go of things you can’t
 do anything about
78-paint your nails
77-make play dough for the kids and play with them
76-sing a song at the top of your lungs
75-do the dishes by hand
74-finish a project
73-practice saying “I love you” to the mirror
72-take a nap
71-start a blog
70-clean out your purse
69-write a letter
68-count your blessings
67-read to a small child
66-braid someone’s hair
65-sit in a park and just watch
64-buy flowers for yourself
63-plan your dream house or your mansion in heaven
62-try cooking something new
61-go for a hike
60-kiss someone you love
58-go on a picnic
57-set some goals
56-write a special memory for your posterity
55-notice the little things
54-plant a tree
53-learn a language
52-sit in the sunshine
51-pray daily
50-have a song in your heart
49-visit a historical sight
48-one word: “chocolate”
47-visit a rest home
46-don’t JUDGE
45-give a massage
44-stand for right
43-believe in God
42-listen to beautiful music
41-play with someone’s hair
40-go for a run
39-balance your checkbook
38-dust your home
37-go to a farm when the baby animals are being born
36-read about great people
35-donate to a charity
33-drink clean water
32-use the toilet
31-“do unto others…”
30-share dinner with friends
29-shampoo, massage your scalp
28-clean up someone else’s mess, without anyone seeing you
27-take pictures
26-get a pedicure
25-“if you can’t say somethin’ nice,
don’t say nothin’ at all”
24-get things done (no moping)
23-have a candlelight dinner
22-start a rock collection
20-listen more
19-count the stars
18-watch ants
17-don’t compare your worst with someone else’s best
16-chew bubble gum and blow bubbles
15-be grateful
13-feed the birds
12-create something from something else
10-ride a horse
9-smell brownies
8-Listen to your heart
7-tend children for a tired momma
6-jump a rope
5-lotion your whole body
4-close your eyes and feel the breeze
3-take a class
2-fold laundry
1-Choose it! choose JOY!!!!
Thanks for reading and spending the last 100 posts with me!
 Love, Joy

Family History Friday (FHF): A Great Project

I saw and fell in love with a darling family history project done by Lisa at “tarnished and tattered”  you can see it here. Can you stand it? I absolutely love it! Wouldn’t it be fun to have our homes full of heirlooms, pictures and crafts that are a reminder of our sweet ancesters. I have my Grandma’s hope chest, my grandpa’s harmonica and an old skeleton key, a beautiful vase from my great-great-grandma, and many other items around my home. Go through your stuff, and see what you can come up with to decorate your home. When I see these special items around my home, I think about my ancestors, and how much I love them. It also gives me an opportunity to share stories about that ancestor, when people ask about my decor. What a great way to decorate!! Happy Family History Friday! Thanks Lisa!! Love, Joy

One quarter of a century!!

That’s how long I have married!!! Well, not yet, but on August 7th, 2010 it will be. I thought it would be fun to ask you what you think we should do to celebrate. What do you think? My mom and pop-in-law have a trailer at the lake. My little darlinest always jokingly says, “Well, we could always stay an extra day at the trailer.” Funny, I know, but not this year. It needs to be more special. Our biggest problem is the money. We are quite limited. We have a list of other pressing financial issues. Still trying to replace the shingles on the roof. And Alex, my almost 19 year old, will be leaving on an LDS mission sometime this summer. So help us get creative, come on, give us some ideas! I would love your help. The most important thing is this: I have a sweetheart who I love, more than I loved 25 years ago. It will be wonderful, where ever we spend our anniversary.

Favorite TV/Movie Quotes!

Mr. Incredible: No matter how many times you save the world; it always manages to get back in jeapardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know, for a little bit? I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for….for ten minutes?

-Mr. Incredible
The Incredibles

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

This is the sweetest, funniest, most tender hearted and loving man!
This is my Dad!
He has always been there for me when I need advice and counsel. He has led, and continues to lead, a life full of integrity and goodness. Years ago, my Daddy started to take me on a date once a month, just me and him. We go to dinner, and talk. We share our days and life experiences together. Sometimes, I tell him what I think he should do in a certain situation. He tells me what he thinks about what’s going on in my life. Sometimes we talk about my children, and what they’re doing or a hard thing they’re going through. He gets big tears in his eyes, and can’t even speak. I love that the older he’s gotten, the more tender he is. I love him so much. I hope someday to be half the person he is. I will just keep doing the things he has taught me to do, both in word and through his example. Thanks Daddy for being such a great Dad, for your wonderful example, and for always being there for me.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Family History Friday (FHF): Happy Birthday Norman!

It was Norman Rockwell’s birthday on Wednesday,
 and I thought I’d share a darling picture he painted of a family tree. I think my favorite is the pirate at the bottom. He looks a little like Johnny Depp. Don’t you think?
Make a family tree to
display in your home.
If you have young children, have them draw their family and grandparents and great-grandparents on a tree and share it. Who knows, it might be the next family treasure!!
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy