Eight is Great!

Today it has been eight years since I started my blog. 

As I read through the blog, I am so happy that I have been able to share these stories and experiences with everyone!

I am so thankful that I have written them down.

They are a treasure to me.

My life and all that I have experienced is wonderful. Even the challenges have taught me so much. Some of the best things I’ve learned in the last eight years are:

1-Family is everything. I can’t imagine my life with out my family. Both the one I grew up in and the one I have with my Darlin. I feel blessed to have a sweet husband, wonderful children, and I am in love with my beautiful grandchildren. I’m thankful I have a blog full of memories of my family.

2-A knowledge of God and my Savior, Jesus Christ is a blessing in my life everyday. The gospel gives me direction, and hope for my life. 

3-I am so thankful for my ancestors. The family who came before me, and who paved the way so that life would be better for me. They left homes they knew, for the unknown. They gave up comfort for the challenge of a journey to a new life. I can’t imagine what they went through, but I am so thankful. I love them!

4-Grandbabies are the best!!! I am completely in love with them! They are my reward for not killing my kids. Haha. But seriously, how wonderful it is to have these sweet little people who I get to love, and spoil, and then send them home. It is the best!

Thank you for your visit to my blog!

I love to have you come. 

Brothers: He Would be 60 Years Old Today!

I have five wonderful brothers. Three older brothers, and two younger brothers. I love them so much!

Something changed 13 years ago in our family, with one of my five wonderful brothers.

My oldest brother Brian passed away.

He was 46. It was such a shock, so unexpected. Some of the members of my family were hiking a beautiful canyon not far from home, when he fell on the trail. He was gone. We had many tender mercies during the next week. He is buried where my parents will be buried. He was a good man with challenges like the rest of us. 

Today he would have been 60 years old! 

What would things be like if he was still here? I wonder. I believe he is happy and doing good where he is now. I am thankful for his life! I miss him. 

I thought about his life today, and what it meant to me to know him, love him, and to know that I will see him again.

We had a family party tonight. We looked through his childhood scrapbook made by our mama. He lived a good, productive life. He is the father of three kids. The Grandpa to 6 grandkids, 5 he has never met.

The most important thing to me when I think about losing him so young is knowing that our Savior makes up for all sadness, all sin, all mistakes. He makes my brother’s life, and all of our lives, more meaningful than it would be without Him.

I’m so grateful for families! I’m so grateful for brothers!

Happy Birthday Brian!


Little Brothers!


Today is my little brother Grant’s birthday- Happy Birthday Grant!!

And on the 2nd of April was my baby brother Larry’s birthday- Happy Birthday Larry!!

Aren’t they so cute?

When we were kids I was often the one in charge when the parents weren’t home. I wish I could say I was always nice to them. I wasn’t.

They really were fun little brothers. They were inseparable.

Grant seemed a little more quiet than Larry when they were kids. Grant has so many talents, and is very creative. He worked hard at college and is a very good provider for his family. He is a leader. One of my favorite things about Grant is, I know he is always doing his best in whatever he accomplishes. You can count on him for love and support! For years it was our tradition to go to the local Parade of Homes together. He loves architecture and I love looking at all of the beautiful homes.  These days, besides being an all around great guy, he is a brilliant photographer of the Great Salt Lake area.

Larry is my baby brother. I don’t know if he likes me calling him that, but I was 9 when he was born and helping mom take care of him was such a fun thing to me. He was my baby. The one I took care of, and hauled around. Now he is a big guy and very lovable. He took state in wrestling in high school. We are all proud of that. He is very generous and loving to all of us. He is so creative and has a lot of projects going all the time. He is the epitome of an entrepreneur. He writes music and stories, and is creative and efficient, and also a great photographer and world traveler. He is my biggest help when it comes to technology (I’m sure he wishes he wasn’t).

Once when we were young I wanted to watch my two favorite shows: Love Boat, and Fantasy Island (I am embarrassed to say that), and the little brothers wanted to watch something else. Well, I was the boss ’cause mom and dad were gone. I said, “No, way!” A few minutes later the little brothers come in the room with picket signs and saying, “Rights for little brothers!” Bouncing the signs up and down. I about lost it! Oh my stars! They were so cute.

I feel so blessed to have these cute little brothers!!! I love you both!


My life would not be complete without you!


He’s a Keeper!


This is my brother Brad! He’s giving a squish to his sweetie Cindy!

Today is his Birthday!!!!

When I was a little girl I remember him being so good to me. He was, and still is, a wonderful big brother.

He is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. He has been working since he was in his early teen years. He still works so hard to provide for his family!

He always had the beautiful cars when he was a teenager. This was the late 70’s and he had these beautiful muscle cars. He had a Chevelle, a Monte Carlo, and a LeMans. He always took such good care of his things. He has always been so responsible.

He is a good brother, dad, husband and son to our parents.

I love him and hope he has the most Happy Birthday Ever!!!

I am so blessed to have a big brother like him.

A Trip to the Motherland!

IMG_3381.JPG (1)

My parents went on a lovely trip to England

with my baby brother, his wife, and her parents.

What a wonderful thing to do!!!

I almost climbed int their luggage.

In this picture they are visiting a place called Rollrightstones, you can read about it here!

“The Rollright Stones is a ancient site located on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border in England. The complex consists of three main elements, The Kings Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights.”

I may never get to go on a trip like this, but I have been traveling with them as they go. You might wonder how. The answer is…the internet. I have their itinerary. I know what their plans are, and I can search and see what they are seeing on the internet.  I am having a blast on their trip!!!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some more pictures. So come visit and I’ll share what I can.

We Did It.

It all started with a lunch date with my little brother the week of Christmas.

We talked about goals and retirement. We talked about life and money. After we left that lunch date, my darlin and I talked and thought, and prayed and went to the Temple. After all of that, we decided to put our home up for sale, and down size to a smaller home.

After 4 weeks, we had an offer on our home and within a month of that, we moved to our new home!

It was amazing!

I have felt like it was the right thing to do, because things just fell into place. The home we sold is twice as big as the one we just moved in to, and the payment is less. We are in a much better position to retire (hopefully) someday, and do good things with our time then.

If you wonder about the kids. Our First born, and his wife Janet are new home owners! And our second son is a homeowner, too!

Life has a way of surprising you! I feel so grateful to Father in Heaven for His guidance in our lives, and or all blessings!

Here is a picture of our home as we drove away for the last time!

photo (24)

Grant is Great!!


This is my little brother Grant, and his sweet wife, Kammy.

Grant had a birthday a few days ago.

I was thinking about what a cute little brother he was. When he was a little guy, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years old, he tried to run away from home. We lived in the little white house that I call my second home.

I really don’t think he was running away, I don’t know where he was going, neither did he. He must have had places to discover.

One night in the middle of the night he climbed out of his crib, and walked out the door. It was winter time. We lived in the country with very few homes nearby. He started walking down the road in his little footed pajamas. He had walked about a quarter mile down the road when one of the neighbor girls drove up the street coming home from a date. At about that same time little Grant was tottling down the street, it started to snow. So in the middle of the night my parents get a call from the neighbors saying they found a little boy wandering down the road, and wondered if they were missing a child.

They checked Grant’s crib and sure enough, he was missing. Our family had been blessed with a miracle. Our little brother and my parents baby had been rescued from certain death. If our neighbor had not come up the street at that moment, Grant would have continued to walk on with no idea where home was. If he walked and the snow kept falling his little footprints would have disappeared in the night and we might not be have been able to find him, when we discovered him missing.

I am sure that my mom and dad held him close when they got him home, and said a prayer of thanksgiving.

I am so glad my cute little brother Grant is a great son, brother, husband and daddy to his four wonderful kids. Grant is really great! I love him.

My Second Home!

When I was five our family moved from my first home. My mom and dad wanted to build a home in a neighboring town. Because it would take some time to build the home, we lived in a little house that had actually been abandoned, or at least it wasn’t lived in at the time we moved in.

It was empty and a bit run down.

The yard was overgrown, and the paint on the house was peeling and worn out.

 It had one bedroom, a family room, a kitchen, one bathroom, and a little room behind the kitchen where my mom’s washer and dryer were.

My dad got to work. He mowed the yard, it sort of worked for grass. He painted the wood.

The house looked like a cute little home by the time he was done, and we moved in, all 7 of us. We were very cozy to say the least. In the one bedroom, my three older brothers slept in a big bed. I slept on an old army cot, or at least that’s what my dad referred to it as. And my baby brother slept in his crib. My mom and dad slept in the family room on a hide-a-bed couch.

My dad spent most of his time working full time, working on his Phd, and building the new home. He built it mostly by himself. My mom was a wonderful homemaker. We lived there for a year or so and then we moved to the new home. It is amazing to me how I have so many memories of that house and living there, and I was only there for such a short time.

It was a good home. I loved living there.

My Baby Brother, Larry!

Today is my baby brother Larry’s birthday!

This is my baby brother and his beautiful wife, Lisa.

I love them.

When we were little, growing up together we had lots of fun. Now we are adults and we have even more fun. I’m so glad he is my baby brother, and that he married such a wonderful woman!

Happy Birthday baby brother!!!

Organ Donation!

This happy dude is my “miracle” brother, Keith!

He is alive today because of organ donation. A wonderful person said “yes” he would donate, and my brother is here, because of him.

We are so grateful!

Today was the Dash for Donation event in our city. People were running or walking a 5K or 2K to raise money for organ donation. Keith was asked to say a few words about his experience. He did a great job. I love you, brother.

You can read more about organ donation here!