When my first daughter was born, it was such a wonderful day. An unbelievably wonderful day!! I had always wanted a little sister, even when I was just a girl. I got two little brothers instead. I love them dearly, and I’m glad they’re my brothers, I just always wanted a little sister.
So at 27 years old, this beautiful perfect baby daughter came into my life. I have always called Kelsey my “dream come true”. Here she was, my little sister and daughter all wrapped into one. The most important part was that she was (and is) a girl. Five years later I was blessed again with another darling little baby girl! If I thought I was blessed the first time, I was overwhelmed with love and appreciation to God for giving me these two littles girls. That is why Emily is “my bonus baby” girl. Having Kelsey was almost 20 years ago, and I am still thrilled to have these two daughters in my life. They are such beautiful young women.
(By the way, Kelsey is on the right, Emily is on the left.)


I have a saying on the wall in the living room, that says,
Home …to be at home,

is to find yourself
with those who put

your heart at ease.”
That is what a home should be, in my eyes. A place of refuge, away from the world, and the pressures of life. A place to rest and recoop, recharging ourselves to go back out into the world. Back out there where sometimes we don’t feel very safe. Especially while were still learning how to be a grown up.
I want my children to love and respect each other.
I grew up in a home with lots of different personalities. Sometimes, I didn’t feel like home was a place that my heart could be at ease. I believe that the family is the most important unit in society. I know it won’t always be perfect. But I do know there isn’t another place I’d rather be than with my family. And when things aren’t the way we think they should be, we just keep trying, and loving and working together to make our family the best it can be.
“Family is … a circle of friends that love you.”