Happy Birthday, Amber!!!

Happy Birthday to this amazing daughter-in-law!!!

I am so blessed to have you in my life!!!

Your are- a good student, beautiful, sweet, a guinea pig lover, fun, a hard worker, talented, sometimes stressed, mostly happy, patient, motivated, spiritual, a good teacher, a perfect match for Alex, huggable, thoughtful, a fan of U. of U., adaptable, responsible, and a forever lover to Alex!!

I hope all your dreams come true!!! 

Love you, darling girl!

Happy Birthday, Flexy!!!

Happy Birthday to a sweet and loving son!!!

I am so blessed to have you in my life.

You are- a hard worker, a good provider, a chef, a handyman, patient, sensitive, strong, easy going, handsome, a good friend, spiritual, a good teacher, smart, responsible, quotable, slow and steady, my third child, so much fun, a sleep anywhere guy, my second son, a fan of South Africa, a giant soul, a soda lover, and a soda maker, a family guy, and a forever lover to Amber! 

I hope you have the best of everything! 

Love you, sweetie!!!


Today, it has been 7 years since I started my blog!


It’s my blogiversary!!

So here’s a list of 7 things I’ve learned blogging for 7 years:

1-Always remember why you do it.


I don’t spend a lot of time on other peoples blogs. I am trying my best to get a grip in my life and sitting on the computer all day doesn’t help. So if I don’t have a lot of visitors, because I’m not commenting all the time on others blogs, I’m ok with that. I am leaving a journal with stories and what not for my family and anyone else who would like to visit. I love you all!

2-Put your best foot forward.


I struggle sometimes. I prefer to not focus on complaining. It’s really not me anyway. I am a joyful person! I am always looking for the blessings in life.

3-Have variety.


If I always focus on one topic, it’s like I’m talking in a monotone voice. That’s not very fun! So it’s good to mix it up.

4-Be totally honest.


I am, what I am. I love to share what I feel and the adventures I’m having. Sometimes, life is challenging. Maybe if I share how I’m working through a challenge it might help someone else. Who’s to say…;)

5-It takes a lot of effort sometimes, and that’s ok.


Remember Dory? Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

6-“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”


I am a firm believer that love conquers all. I don’t agree with everyone on the internet, and I know they don’t all agree with me, but we can be kind and show love for other humans when we communicate.

7-Sharing what matters most to me is fun!


Sunday’s really are Best! Family History is so fun! Missionaries make me happy! Beautiful Places are beautiful! My Darlin, First Born, Janet, Dream Come True, Most Quoted, Amber, Bonus Baby, Anthony, Grandbabies, and Tayzie mean the world to me! Someday this blog will be a treasure for the people I love, maybe it is already. Either way, it’s here and waiting for a visit from all!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you return often!

Love, Joy


In Love!


My son Alex and his sweetheart Amber. Engaged and ready to tie the knot! I’m so excited for them, and I love them! They are getting married this week and I know they will have a wonderful life! They will learn a lot from each other!

Sand Rock!


When Flexy was a little guy, he started preschool. He loved his teacher, and did very well. There was only one problem. He had a hard time pronouncing her name. 

Her name was Roxanne! 

He would tell us about meeting his teacher “Sand Rock” and how much fun she was. We would say,

“What is her name?”

asking him to repeat hoping that we would be able to tell what he said. It wasn’t until Roxanne came to visit our home that we realized what her name was. Flexy had mixed up the first part of her name “Rox”…with the last part of her name “Anne”. We all got a kick out of that, including “Sand Rock”!

What a cute little guy!

Finding Things…and Taking Pictures!

We recently moved.

We lived in our old home for 18 years. That means we collected a lot of stuff.

Most of it…we do not need! They are things. However, I am one of those sentimental people who collects things with memories and have a hard time letting them go.

“I can’t get rid of that_____(fill in blank), it was my_____(fill in blank, again).

I love them!”


“This _____(fill in blank) belonged to my great_____(fill in blank). It has got to be worth something.” So back in the box, closet, bag, or something else it goes, until next time you decide to clean out the box, closet, bag, or whatever.

Well, not this time. I mean it! We don’t have room to keep everything we had in our old house.

One of the ways I have found to ease the pain of parting with things is…pictures.

If I take a picture, it means the memory doesn’t have to fade, because I can still see it.

photo (28)

This darling little puppet was made in elementary school by Alex my “Most Quoted” son.

He was such a cute little boy!

In class he created his puppet using garbage type items. The stick poking out the bottom moves up and down making the monster “Mo” go in and out of the box, which is an old bandage box.

Can you stand it? How creative is he!

Well, I now have a picture, and a blog post, and I will never forget the creative, darling monster “Mo” that Flexy made in elementary school.

And I get to share all of that with you!


photo 2 (6)Tayzie has discovered that she can drink out of the fountain! It is the cutest thing to watch!

Another funny thing she does is that she barks for an ice cube whenever we get ice for a drink. What a cute dog.

When we come home after being gone for a while, she is always very noisy. Crying and barking. You would think we’d been gone for years. Flexy says she an “Emotional basket case!” Funny!

We sure love our furry friend!!!

Poetic Friends & NerdFest 2014!

Flexy’s friends brought over a fun birthday gift. 

photo (18)

These are the same friends along with some others who came over for NerdFest 2010. The one Flexy had before he left on his mission. You can check that one out here!

So for Flexy’s birthday this year he wanted to do another NerdFest. Here are some pics of the festivities. They are playing a game called Heroscape! They love it, and play it together as often as they can.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 5 (2)

The difference between this group of boys and the group 4 years ago, is that all of these boys have served missions for the LDS Church. This is a great group of guys. I’m so proud of them and all of their Nerdy-ness. I think Flexy had a great 23rd birthday!

Happy Birthday Flexy!!!

photo (17)My Flexy turned 23 today!!!

23 Things I Love about You:





*unique*a blessing*wonderful*sweet*helpful!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet darling son! I love you!