Sunday Best!

Today is Relief Society we talked about marriage.

It is such a wonderful topic and I’m always so grateful for my marriage!

I shared this cute clip from the Pixar movie “Up”. Watching it always make me smile and tear up. Carl and Ellie are the cute couple in the movie. They are so typical of most the marriages I know. They start out with so much hope and expectations for their adventure in life, but things don’t always go the way we think or want them to go. It seems the best way to be married is to love each other and just keep moving forward with love and faith in each other and God.


Every marriage is subject to occasional stormy weather. But with patience, mutual respect, and a spirit of forbearance, we can weather these storms. Where mistakes have been made, there can be apology, repentance, and forgiveness. But there must be willingness to do so on the part of both parties. …

I have learned that the real essence of happiness in marriage lies … in an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion. Thinking of self alone and of the gratification of personal desires will build neither trust, love, nor happiness. Only when there is unselfishness will love, with its concomitant qualities, flourish and blossom.

-Gordon B. Hinckley


I have learned in my marriage that men and women are different and complimentary. My sweetheart is my best match. I have strengths, and so does he. When I am overwhelmed with something, he is there to support and handle the situation. When a decision needs to be made, we discuss it and I am usually the one who follows through with the decision.

We couldn’t do as well as we have in our marriage without our Father in Heaven, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to bless us, and to help us be our best selves in our relationship. They want us to have a successful marriage, too!

Hope your Sunday is the Best! Love, Joy

The Love is So Powerful, It Hurts!

I love being a grandma! It is such a blessing in my life.

Our sweet oldest granddaughter will be 10 this summer! I don’t know how this happened. She is a treasure, and I love every moment I get with her!

I can’t believe it!

Then there are these super cute grandson’s!

Cars, skateboards, and time playing in the yard is always fun to watch with this one!

And this little guy, reminds me of a tater bug! He is such a sweet baby full of smiles and hugs! What fun I have with these two boys!And don’t forget our precious new granddaughter! She smiles with her eyes, and responds so cute when we talk to her. She is basically perfect!

Thank heaven’s for technology. I get to see them all everyday.

I love them all so much!

When  I look at them, the love in my heart almost wants to bust out of my chest! I actually hurts, a little. How can this be?

Grandbabies are such a gift! They are straight from heaven. I know now, what I didn’t know before I became a grandma that the best is yet to come. Father in Heaven loves us so much he gave us the opportunity to become parents, saving the best for last, becoming grandparents!