Out on a WIM! #2

Hi Mommy!! (this is for everyone)¬†Ok so my email last week was short because there was a weird situation. We logged unto our email just to send a quick email to tell you things that I needed to tell you ASAP…. THEN when we got on we only had twenty minutes until we were going to need to go to the temple and so I had to RUSH!!! And I hate that. But this email will be long! You bet your bottom dollar ūüôā
Ok so first… THANK YOU for the package I don’t think I need anything else.. I’ll let you know. I wrote you a letter with more details but I don’t know if you got it yet. We leave¬†on Monday! WE’RE MEETING IN THE TRAVEL OFFICE AT THREE IN THE MORNING! I know. Crazy. I probs won’t get ANY sleep! Oh well I’m going to the West Indies!!!!! (random thought): I haven’t been emailing anyone other than you guys.. Last week I only emailed you guys very briefly, and I am so so so sorry ūüôĀ So I’ll be leaving the airport in Salt Lake around¬†6:30a.m. I’ll be talking to you then.. I can’t wait. I want to warn you that I’m going to cry a lot. But just know I’m so happy and it’s a good cry. I’m actually crying as I’m typing this just thinking about it. Ok so where to begin?
People I have seen here: Elder Brady Layton, Elder Josh Beckstead, Elder Jaron Miller, Elder Seth Craven, Elder James Richardson, Elder Daniel Bedwell, Sister Dani Hatch, Sister Kendra Blacker, Sister Shaelyn Wheeler and more!!!! I LOVE IT HERE. My companion is Sister Bratt! And it’s not¬†pronounced “brat”. She is so much fun! We get along great! Sometimes it’s hard to always have someone with you ALL OF THE TIME. But we have so much fun. We already have tons fo inside jokes! We have cried together, laughed together and had spiritual experiences together. It has been a blessing to me. I couldn’t ever do this alone but I feel like I have a good friend to do it with me. I seriously love the girls in our district. They are my sisters. There is me;), Sister Bratt: I really do love her. We are very close and I feel like I have known her forever. She is very kind and she’s a big cryer like me!! Sister Grigg: SHE IS SO FUNNY. We get along SO well. She is hilarious and weird like me. We are basically the same person. We’re going to make a two man band when we get home ūüôā Background story-I talk in one of the daycare kids voice here and sister Grigg tries to do it and she sounds so creepy and we laugh our faces off. Sister Charters: She is literally the sweetest person in the world. We get along so well. And we were friends on FB before we came so we have background it’s so awesome ūüôā Sister Shirts: She is so quiet but I can usually get her to open up and she is so amazing. She has such a sweet spirit. I love her. She is adorable. Sister Kime: She has the best hair in the world. And both our first names are Emily. I seriously love her. And she is really educated and wonderful! I literally would be so sad without these girls. The elders in our district are: Elder Anderson, Elder Fiame, Elder McCarey, Elder Benedict, Elder Wells, and Elder Jensen. These boys are magnificent as well. I have a great relationship with every single one of these people. We are all goofy together and they love my goofiness.
Last time I emailed you I had only been here for a short time. I feel like I have been here for a month at least. But in a good way. I think the Lord puts more hours in a day here so I can learn all I need to learn. I love it. I love my teachers. Sister Hermann and Brother Hancock. They are amazing. I feel like I have grown so much. My heart can hardly contain the love, spirit, unity and everything else ūüôā I have been teaching TRC’s which are practice investigators (some are actually real) but we never know if we are getting a real one or an actor so that’s cool. We were teaching a girl named Gabby and she is very interested in knowing more about the church. We’ve also been teaching Daina… Which is actually sister Hermann in character as another person. I literally think of things she needs to hear and stuff like that. I try and play it as though she is a real investigator. I pray for her, I cry for her and I study for her. I love to teach the gospel. I actually am way better at teaching now (good thing because I leave in 3 days basically). My testimony has strngthened SO much. I know the Lord can help us through any trial or anything. It sounds like you guys are still way busy. But I know that the Lord can help us all through this crazy time in our lives. I think about you guys every single day. I pray for you. But I’m so focused. It would feel weird to be home now. This is where I am meant to be. I know it. I love it. I feel like my heart belongs here. Just know that I miss you guys! Keep sending me letters. It helps! Tell everyone to write me letters and dear elders and everything.
Ok! So story time!!!! I’ll tell the funny ones first!
Funny story:¬†Yesterday this funny kid Elder Jensen in our district (his name is above)¬†started saying¬†something that happened to him before his mission and he started talking about Paranormal Activity and that show is rated¬†R and he’s talking about in the MTC so we¬†were all bursting into laughter. Ok so funny thing though… Elder Jensen reminds me almost exactly of Keat. Kind of in looks. And the goofy side of his personality is like a twin to Keaton Merrill Briggs.
Ok so one cool story: We were singing The army of Helamen¬†on Sunday¬†and¬†our¬†whole Branch¬†Presidency (the old guys) were sobbing. And he told us later on of this one time he was a bishop (in the 1970’s)¬†and the primary was singing that song at the front when all of the sudden it sounded as if an army of spirits were singing with them. He¬†said it was the most spiritual experience experience ever. He said that he felt like our spirits¬†were the ones singing with those children *chills* Needless¬†to say… I cried like a baby. It was amazing. I love the¬†spirit here. It overwhelms we with joy. I know this is true church with everything¬†that I am. I love you guys! Have a great week! Tell me¬†how it all goes ūüôā
I need to try and attach some pictures… (i will try) Thanks for the¬†notes and letters from all of you. Keep them coming! I hope this email was better because I actually had a reasonable amount of time! I¬†LOVE YOU GUYS¬†OH SO MUCH! The church is true ūüôā¬†Sorry if my grammar/spelling is awful. They don’t have spell¬†check and I was¬†typing like 103¬†wpm.¬† I will talk to you bright and¬†early¬†on Monday… I’m not certain on what time but I will use that phone card thing! Love, Emily

Beautiful Places!

We visited Gardner Village!

It is a fun place to visit. The setting to me is the funnest part.  DSC05447DSC05448DSC05452Old homes have been relocated on a lane and made into stores to shop in. There is also a stream with a covered bridge.DSC05454DSC05457DSC05459The main building used to be a mill so there is a water wheel attached to the building. There is a great restaurant and more shopping in the main building.DSC05461 DSC05462It is a beautiful place!

My Baby and My Love Language.


The day or so after Emily left on her mission, I was so sad. More so, than I was when the other two kids left on their missions. I was very concerned about being sad. I kept questioning myself, “Why am I so sad? I know this will be a good thing, and that there isn’t anything better she could be doing with her time right now than serving the Lord.” One reason I kind of anticipated, is that Emily is my baby. I am done raising my children. I have gone from being the coach to cheering them on from the¬†bleachers. I knew that someday I would be sad about this, but I also was hoping that I would be glad too. I also remembered that when my darlin’ and¬†I took the Love Language test, I found out that my Love Language is time. Well, because I have had missionaries before, I know how long a year and a half is. I kept thinking that I don’t want her to be gone for that long. I will miss all that “time” with her.

Once I figured these two things out, I felt like I could be patient with myself. I understand that both of the things I’m struggling with would be hard for anyone to accept.

Now I feel peace.

I try not to focus on the struggle, and I just let Heavenly Father speak peace to my heart. And He is. I am so thankful. I know I can do this. I know that being a mom is one of the most important purposes of my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I enjoyed it as much as any mom could while I was in the middle of diapers and crying babies at night. I enjoyed snuggles and kisses, and “Mom, I love you’s.” Now I can enjoyed my adult children.

I can do hard things, like letting my daughter leave for a year and a half. I can spend time away from her, and I will be great!

Poppies and Soldiers!


I came out of the grocery store yesterday and there was a man giving out poppies for a small donation. I got thinking about what those poppies mean, then I started to tear up. I have always loved the story about the poppies growing where the solders died. I thought I’d share the story (for posterity’s sake). It was during World War I soldiers were fighting in Belgium. Many died and were buried in the fields around where the fighting had taken place. The poppies sprung up because the soil had been disturbed. They bloomed all around the soldiers graves. John McCrae had lost a dear friend in a battle near Flanders, and he felt prompted to write this lovely poem.


In Flanders fields

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


Two ladies decided that the poppy would be a great way to remember those who died, and earn money to help those affected by war. The poppy can be seen at Memorial Day  and Veterans Day to remind us of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for others. I always feel so sad when I think of the soldiers who have died in all the wars. One article I read about the battle at Flanders, was that a 15 year old boy was the youngest soldier killed. How sad.

In this life, wars happen because of evil men. But there are those who are willing to fight to protect innocent people. I am grateful to those who have fought to make life better for me. I will think of them and the sacrifice they have made often.

Happy Memorial Day on Monday!

Out on a WIM! #1


Hello my awesome family! How are you guys?? I am doing sooooooo great! Loving the MTC! There is so much to tell and so little time. Mom I need you to send me in the mail my yellow fever record (the little pamphlet thing that is in with my missionary binder. I need it to go with my passport or I’m in big troub! So help a sista out! Also I need you to send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing, it was in my closet and I forgot to make a copy of it. The first day I was sad for a minute but got busy right after. But I didn’t sleep that night! I’m getting the missionary schedule¬†down ūüôā It’s so awesome! My companion is Sister Bratt. She is so fun and we get along great. I LOVE¬†my district and zone. We have so much fun and feel the spirit oh so much! I’m so glad I’m on a mission I know this is where I am¬†meant to be. Anyway I’ll write better next week. I have to hurry this P day! Write me back and my P days are on fridays ūüôā I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys and miss you so much! I’ve been not thinking about it too much so I’m good ūüôā I’m happy ūüôā I’ll talk to you guys next week! Write me letters. Tell everyone to! Hurrah for Israel!¬†I luff you. TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!¬†I sent you guys a letter.¬†Happy day!¬†Read. Pray.¬†With love- Sister Emily


We dropped Emily off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) today!!


She will be an amazing missionary. We will miss her, but we know she will be blessed and that others will be blessed by her service.


Look for posts called

“Out on a WIM!”

WIM is short for West Indies Mission.

Emily’s Facebook post: Hello everyone! I’m getting set apart tonight and I’m off to the MTC tomorrow! So this is my final post before I leave. I just wanted to let all of you know that you mean the world to me. Thank you for the support, money, love and anything else you guys have given me. I’m so grateful! I want you to all know that I have a testimony of the gospel and that it burns like a fire in my heart. I can’t wait to share it with all of the people of the West Indies! I will see you guys in 1.5 ūüôā I love you all!

¬†Hurrah for Israel. And God be with you till we meet again ūüôā





I recently wrote a post about how busy things have become. Last Sunday, “Bonus Baby” spoke in church, before leaving on her mission. It was mother’s day and we had a house full of guests here to see Emily speak. After Emily spoke, we had 60+ people at our home. It was a fun and very busy weekend. Emily did such a great job on her talk. She is a sweetheart and I am so blessed to be her Mama.

This Monday is Riley and Janet’s wedding. We have been busily making decorations and preparations. One of my favorite things that we have been working on is a bench to put Riley and Janet’s gifts on. It started out as our old bed frame. For years my sweetie and I shared a full size bed. We’re not tall people, and a lot of that time my darlin was working graveyard. When I got out of bed, he was getting in bed. We finally graduated to a queen sized bed. I kept the frame for all of these years because I wanted to make a bench out of it. So with the wedding coming up, we decided it was a great time to make the bench. It is turning out so cute!! We’re not quite done with it. Here’s a pic



We will be busily decorating on Monday morning so Riley and Janet can get married. Then Monday night we’ll have a reception for them. I am so happy for them. They are a very good match for each other. Every mother wants her children to marry a wonderful person. Riley is marrying a wonderful person. We love Janet.

Just two days after the wedding, Emily will leave on her mission. (That was part of the reason for having the wedding two days before, so Emily wouldn’t miss it.) We will drive to the MTC in Provo and drop her off. Then we won’t see her for a year and a half. Ouch. I’ve done this before, but I never get used to dropping off a missionary and saying good bye for a time. The hardest part about this one is, she is my baby. My baby grew up. We used to tell the kids when they were little that “growing up” was against the rules. It was fun to get their responses to that. They’d say something like, “But mom, I have to grow up!”

She did it. She broke the rules, just like the others.

My church calling has been quite busy. I am the Primary President in our ward and I absolutely love it!! I have meetings every Sunday with the children in our ward. We sing and learn together. I love the be in Primary. I meet with my counselors and my secretary each week for an hour or so. We love the children and the teachers who serve with us. We feel very blessed knowing that Father in Heaven is helping us to do our best.

After the wedding, and Emily leaves, things will calm down quite a bit. I think I might have too much time on my hands. I know there will be tears. I know I will miss my “Bonus Baby”. I also know she will do an amazing job on her mission and will bless many people. I am happy when my children have amazing opportunities. This is how I feel about being the mother to a missionary.

I’ll just keep doing what my mission president taught me.

“Bloom Where You’re Planted!”

Life is good!


DSC05194This is my father-in-law Pearce, and his sister Margo. I took this picture while we attended a viewing for Geri, who had passed away, Pearce and Margo’s sister. When I saw these two holding hands, I had to click a picture. Pearce doesn’t remember people anymore, but he is full of love. They just sat like this for quite a while. So sweet!¬†