The Time I Saw The Blood Moon

Back in September there was an amazing heavenly event!

It was all over the news. It was something not seen often and something that an effort should be made to see.


               Photo credit: Larry Hanson

We watched and watched for the Blood moon to rise in the sky.

We could see a little bit of the moon, but there was a lot of cloud cover and it was almost bed time. I had a great idea! I told my darlin, “Let’s go to bed and set the alarm!” I was thinking, we’ll get some sleep and then we’ll have a better view of it a little later.

A few hours later the alarm went off. I got up all groggy, woke up my darlin, and made my way to the door. I went out on the porch and looked up. Wow! It was so big and bright! I called to my darlin to come quick! 

As my eyes adjusted and I became a little more awake I realized I was looking at the street light! You read it right. I thought the street light was the Blood Moon!

I called to my darlin and said, “Never mind, the Blood Moon is gone, all we have is a really bright street light.”

We laughed and laughed!!!!



My little darlin’ is very athletic!

He can do most sports very well. He would not say that…but I would. He is very humble about it all. I can’t do sports at all. (Although, I used to be a gymnast, like a hundred years ago)

He’s always trying to get me to do sports with him. Honestly, I’m not sure if Golfing is a sport, but that is what this post is about, so here we go.

Up at Bear Lake, he wanted to hit a bucket of balls. I love to watch him!!! Well, on the way to hit the bucket of balls he says, “Let’s go putt for a minute.” I’m like, “Nooo, I’m not very good.” He keeps encouraging me, and so we go over to the putting green. We hit a few balls back and forth on the green, and pretty soon it’s a great time.

I said one of the funniest things…I said,

“I hate it when you make me have fun!”

We laughed!


Now, when ever he tries to get me to do sports I say,

“I hate it when you make me have fun!”


Hug Me, First!!!


My famous “picking up our missionaries” sign!

When we go to the airport to pick up our missionaries, I always have a sign like this…

“Hug Me, First! Oh & Welcome Home!”

You would be amazed if I told you how many hugs I have gotten from complete strangers holding this sign. It might be fun to just go to the airport and get hugs for fun!!! People landing at the airport seem to always want someone there to welcome them home or here for a visit.

I am so glad I had a sign that said, “Hug Me, First!” and to receive all those hugs!

Temple Trip and Selfies!

photo 2 (5)This is our selfie coming out of the Logan Temple!

We had a wonderful temple visit. I love when my children can come with me and my darlin to the temple. It is like heaven to me! This is Alex (aka, Flexy, Elder Flexy, Most Quoted) and Kelsey (aka, Dream Come True, Totally “Fort Worth” it), my darlinest and me.

You’re wondering what’s up with me and my nostrils, right? Well… is the explanation. I am a grandma, and you may not be aware that I wear bifocals. This is the only way for me to see the view. So, you get to see my nostrils, almost as if it was part of the plan.

Next time we do a selfie outside the temple, I will not be the one taking the picture!

You’re welcome.



photo (24)This cute little pooper is Sasha. We love Sasha. We tend Sasha from time to time for my friend Rosilee. She is a sweet dog.

One time when we were tending Sasha my dad was here helping in the yard. Sasha came up to my dad and my dad says, “What’s your name? (To Sasha)” He says, “Is it Sausage?”

My dad is a funny guy.  

Since that day, half the time we call her Sausage, too.

Here is a picture of Sausage begging for food in the kitchen. So Cute!!!

13 Things I’ve Learned From Posting 1000 Posts!!!!!!!!!

I have reached a milestone!!! Today I’m posting my

1000th post!

Here are 13 things I’ve learned from posting 1000 posts!!!!!

1-It’s ok to be yourself. 

I have learned that even though I’m not perfect, I am lovable.


2-It’s a great way to tell your story. 

I love to read over my stories and relive my experiences.

3-I love to talk about my family, and their history.

I have wonderful children! My grand baby is adorable! My ancestors are the bomb! We are all basically pretty great people!!!


4-It’s actually very fun to have a blog.

It’s a happy, fun, exciting place to share my life!

5-I have lots of heroes, friends, and memories.

My heroes are the good examples in my life. I try to emulate their lives. My friends are golden and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, my memory may go, but I’ll still have my blog.

6-Funny things happen in life.

Laughter really is the best medicine. I wrote a post once about laughing at inappropriate times, and yes I have been known to do that. I just innocently try to live my life and funny stuff just happens. I start to giggle and it’s all over. Next thing you know I have a stomach cramp, and tears are streaming down my face. I am thankful that I laugh easily. Life is too short to not laugh hysterically when the opportunity presents it’s self.

7-There are some wonderful movies and TV shows out there.

Dory: “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….what do we do we swim, swim!”

I need that reminder a lot.

8-Sometimes I don’t Have anything to say, believe it or not. And that’s ok.

I have been amazed at the lack of things to say, or when I can’t think of anything to post. I never thought I’d see the day. I am very social, I can talk to anyone, but I do like to be by myself and just sit still and read or relax sometimes.

9-Life is busy!

Life is busier than ever before. We’re all busy. It makes living adventurous! Sometimes finding time to do a blog post is very difficult, but I’m always glad when I do.

10-I really love Sunday’s the Best!


Peaceful, inspirational, and spiritual! Spending the day thinking about God and His precious gifts, and looking for ways to bless others lives!

11-The world is full of Beautiful Places!


Always focus on the beauty in this world. We are so blessed by Father above to live in such a beautiful place. Look for the beauty!

12-I have learned lot’s of lesson’s. 

I’m so glad I’ve written them down. I love to learn and I’m glad that challenges are not wasted by having to repeat difficult times. I so appreciate the lessons!

13-It takes a long time to write 1000 posts. 

Who knew it would take almost 5 years of blogging to reach 1000 posts, but I did it!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

The Squishy Spoon!

DSC02159Some of the funniest things happen in a family.

When all the kids were little, out of the clear blue, my kids started fighting over the squishy spoon. I’m thinking,

“What is the squishy spoon?”

I found out it is the spoon that is fatter at the top. I have had this set of flatware since before I was married, and I still have no idea what it is used for.

It was the coveted spoon.

If you got to the drawer first you might get the squishy spoon.

Who knew?



Do you ever give names to things that usually don’t have names?

Our family gives all kinds of names to all kinds of things. One thing we’ve given a name to is our dishwasher.

Her name is Myrtle.

Yes, you heard right, our dishwasher is a girl. Several months ago, for some reason, she started moaning as the wash cycle finishes, and also as the rinse cycle finishes. We may find out she needs a repair, but so far she just moans. Any Harry Potter fan will remember “Moaning Myrtle” the girl who was killed in the girls lavatory. Well, that’s where we got the name.

Well I better go and load Myrt! Happy dishwashing!

(By the way the picture above isn’t Myrtle, it’s Maude we saw her on the internet.);]