Fun at the Lake!

The beautiful Bear Lake, Utah!


Look at that face!


Emily and Anthony on the paddle board.


This is one of my favorite pictures! I thought Anthony had a man bun, but it was actually his hat on backwards. We laughed and laughed so hard.


My darlin with Tayzie on the tube!


Anthony the tube dude!


My darlin made me this awesome cooler!

We filled the styrofoam cooler with ice then turned on the fan. The PVC elbows sent the cool air which ever direction we pointed them. 


We had a blast at the lake!

Sunday Best- Pioneer Day!

Today is Pioneer Day in Utah.

It is a holiday that we commemorate the Mormon Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.

The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had been through a lot by then. They were known as the Mormons, and had been persecuted for years by people who didn’t understand them. They had been kicked out of different cities, by the people who lived there, told they were not wanted. Finally after the prophet was killed, along with his brother, the saints decided to head west. They wanted to find a place where they could live their beliefs, raise their families, and follow God. It is amazing to me that they were so persecuted in this country that was founded on religious freedom. The pioneers were very stalwart, hearty people, driven by a love of God to move forward and get to the place where they could be themselves. Many died on the way. Many miracles happened on the way. They traveled for 2-4 months, miles and miles. It was a very difficult journey. The period of time that someone crossing the plains would be considered a pioneer was 1847-1869. Once the railroad was complete they didn’t come by wagon anymore. I remember years ago when we took our kids on a trip to the Martin and Willie Handcart Sites in Wyoming. We were traveling in our family van about 60 MPH, and the kids where complaining about how long it was taking to get where we were going. I said, “We’re going 60 MPH, the pioneers went 10-15 miles per day!” They would say, “Wow!” I’m sure they had no clue. It is mind boggling to think about in this age of instant everything.

I am so grateful to my ancestors who came across the plains.

One gal I think of a lot is Mary Malden Peek.

She was my third great grandmother on my maternal side. She crossed the plains walking the whole time, except one afternoon when she was ill. What a trooper!


This awesome picture is of Mary’s family. She married Richard Dye.

Look how handsome and beautiful they are. I wonder if the children really understood what their parents did? How much they sacrificed to make a better life for them? I love them.

Here is a little clip that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir did about the pioneers.

Enjoy! Hope your Sunday is the Best! Love, Joy

Visiting Puffin’s? It’s a Happy Place!

There are some things in life that just fill my heart with happiness! One of those things are



All of God’s creations are amazing. I always try to make a habit of noticing and truly appreciating the beauty and wonder around me.

On my list of favorites is this cute sea bird called a Puffin. 

The Puffin is a small, black and white bird, with a colorful beak. It’s beak is not always colorful, but during the breeding season it is colorful. They can dive deep to fish for food, or fly for long periods of time. When they rest on the open sea, they can sit on the ocean and ride the waves. These cute little birds mate for life, but separate during the winter months coming back to the same place during breeding season. The female only lays one egg and she and her mate take turns sitting on the egg and feeding the Puffling once it is hatched. Yes, the young Puffin is called a Puffling! I could watch them for hours.

That brings up the reason for the post, I found a bird cam that is on Seal Island in Maine, Puffin’s breed there and Audubon has a camera so I can watch them as long as I want. Here’s the link for you!

It is called the Puffin loafing ledge.


The Puffin’s are truly an example of living a good life.

First: The never forget where home is. Second: They mate for life. They separate for a time and return to each other. Third: They work hard for their food and to feed the family. Forth: They know how to soar and they know how to dive. Sometimes life gives you ups and sometimes life gives downs. Fifth: When they need a break, the take it easy and float on the waves. You could say they “go with the flow”.

Maybe we can all learn to be more like Puffin’s!