The Time I Saw The Blood Moon

Back in September there was an amazing heavenly event!

It was all over the news. It was something not seen often and something that an effort should be made to see.


               Photo credit: Larry Hanson

We watched and watched for the Blood moon to rise in the sky.

We could see a little bit of the moon, but there was a lot of cloud cover and it was almost bed time. I had a great idea! I told my darlin, “Let’s go to bed and set the alarm!” I was thinking, we’ll get some sleep and then we’ll have a better view of it a little later.

A few hours later the alarm went off. I got up all groggy, woke up my darlin, and made my way to the door. I went out on the porch and looked up. Wow! It was so big and bright! I called to my darlin to come quick! 

As my eyes adjusted and I became a little more awake I realized I was looking at the street light! You read it right. I thought the street light was the Blood Moon!

I called to my darlin and said, “Never mind, the Blood Moon is gone, all we have is a really bright street light.”

We laughed and laughed!!!!