My Job List!

I have in my notes on my phone a list.

At first I called it: Past Jobs/Past Regrets. 

I have had many jobs in my life. I didn’t really mean to have many jobs, but it just happened. As my Darlin and I would drive around town here or there, I would say, “I worked there!” He said I needed to make a list. I thought that might be a good idea just for fun. So I did. I started my list with my first job after babysitting as a teenager.

Let me name a few of my jobs: picking cherries, fast food, summer recreation, t-shirt store, flowers, phone sales, motel, delivery, Fitness instructor, retail, amusement park, selling knifes, photographer assistant, Cosmetology, book store, personal assistant, dentist office, daycare, lunch lady, real estate, and insurance, just to name a few.

I can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time at each job.

Some jobs I just tried, to see how things went.

Sometimes the employer called me to offer me a job. Yes, that happened.

Sometimes I was in desperate need of a job to help pay bills, and took what I could get.

Sometimes I wasn’t a good fit for them, sometimes they weren’t a good fit for me.

I wouldn’t trade any experience I have had. I have learned so much, and all of that experience is part of who I am.

I ran into two of my friends at the grocery store, and they were asking about my job at the flower shop. I told them how much I love it. How blessed I feel to have it. Somehow my job list came up in the conversation. They said they wanted to see it. I pulled out my phone and showed them the list. They scanned down the list, asking about this job or that. I would tell them about some of my experiences. They said they didn’t even want to go to that many interviews, let alone work at that many jobs. They told me I was brave, motivated and amazing. I loved that. They said, “You need to change the name of your list to: “My Bravery and Experience”, list, which I did.

My last job on my Bravery and Experience list is my last, best job @ the flower shop!

I love my job! Sometimes you have to go through some hard, not fun, jobs to get to your last, best job! I’m glad I have “My Bravery and Experience” list, and to have all the bravery and experience to go with it!


I hate it, but “it must needs be, that we have an opposition in all things.”

According to a Book of Mormon prophet, Lehi it is part of our Heavenly Father’s plan. The plan that allows us to choose and experience life on earth.

The part that is not my favorite, is the part about going through bad, so we can appreciate the good.

I have been sick for the last few days. I was dealing with a lot not pleasant things that my body was doing. And I had many thoughts cross my mind that I hate being sick. I don’t ever want to be sick!

I hate it!

Then I remind myself, if I was never sick, I wouldn’t appreciate how good it feels to be healthy. We actually had this illness going through our family. I told Kelsey, I don’t know how people who have to deal with a long term sickness do it. These people who don’t feel good for weeks, or years, and seem to still be able to have a positive attitude and a smile on their face. They are amazing. I’m grateful for their example.

I am so happy I’m feeling better.

And pray others who don’t feel good, will feel better as well.

Yay, for opposition!!! Yay, for bad and good! God is great and I’m grateful for His beautiful plan of happiness!

If I’d Only Known…

18 Years Old

When I was just a young girl,

in my teens, I would day dream about being married and having a family,


I wanted so much to be loved by a wonderful man, and to be the mama to some darling children.

I really wasn’t sure it would ever happen.

I had a lot of self esteem issues.

I didn’t think anyone would ever want to be married to me. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough; skinny enough, fun enough, lovable enough for someone to want to be with me.  And if there was never someone who wanted to be with me, then I would never get to be a mama. I always felt, and still feel, that the best place to raise children is with a mom and a dad married. These are my beliefs and feelings, based on how I was raised. So if no one ever loved me, I would never marry, and never be a mom.

I know this sounds a little dramatic, but I was a teenager thinking like a teenager.

I just wish I could have had my grandma self come visit for a bit, with my teenager self. It would have helped me to be able to relax and not worry so much.

I would tell my teenage self,

“You are beautiful and very lovable!” 

I would tell myself how wonderfully blessed your husband will feel to have you in his life.

That your children will admire the way you keep going even when you are overwhelmed and sad. I would tell my younger self that it might take a little time,

but it will happen,

and it will be wonderful!

You will be older than you thought you’d like to be married, but you will have good experiences that will add to your knowledge of life and how to live and love people.

Experiences that you would never trade.

23 Years Old


Then after some time you will have what you dream of, and it will be worth the wait, and oh, so, precious.

The best part of all of it?



Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Why do we not just trust our Father in Heaven has blessings, wonderful blessings coming our way? If I’d only known then, what I know now, I think I would not have been so hard on myself, I would have enjoyed the process of going through life, a little more.

Maybe there is something to that.

Maybe we need to trust, have faith that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and even though sometimes we have to go through hard things to get to the happiness, we can do our best to enjoy the process. Have “Joy” in the journey! It all worked out and I worried so much.

Happily Married for 32 Years!

One thing is for sure, I’m so happy to be where I am now. So thankful for a sweet Darlin, the opportunity to be a mom, mother-in-law, and grandma! Life is a blessing!

A Man of God.

Our sweet Prophet, President Thomas S Monson passed away yesterday.

I am so grateful for his life and example. He has lived a life of integrity, and service. Everyone should have an example like Thomas S Monson to look up to show how to live the best life.

My favorite quote of his is:

“Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”

Other favorite quotes:

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

“Choose your love, love your choice.”

“A happy home is but an earlier heaven.”

“A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder never likely to reach home port.”

“Do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks. Then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle, but you will be the miracle.”

“The future is as bright as your faith.”

He was called to be the bishop of an LDS congregation at the age of 22, with a membership of 1080 people, 84 of which were widows. He took good care of those widows, even speaking at all of their funerals. He was a stake president, a mission president and became an apostle when he was 36. He has been our prophet for almost 10 years. He lost his wife almost 5 years ago. I’m sure they had a beautiful reunion yesterday. We have enjoyed his wisdom and love for many years. The service he has given in his lifetime is immeasurable. He was 90 years old. We will all miss President Thomas S Monson!

Happy New Year! Happy 2018!

Happy 2018!

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:
“Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”
And he replied:
“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”

-Minnie Louise Haskins

Whenever a new year starts, I think of this introduction to Minnie Haskins poem. I am always a little apprehensive about the new year. Will it be a year of learning, growth, love, and success? Maybe it’s not good to have expectations. I don’t always do well when things don’t turn out the way I was hoping or planning. I know realistically, that there will be challenges, that’s what life is all about. We never really know what the new year will bring. Let’s see what happened in 2017.

This past year has brought many blessings and challenges:

*We were blessed in our family with a new grand baby. She is such a sweet little soul and has been so much fun to love and watch her as she learns new things. I can’t imagine my life without her.

*We found out that a family member has cancer. It’s tough to know those we love are going to suffer. Its hard to know how to love, and help them. Maybe praying for them is enough.

*We lost my husbands mom. She was 82 and lived a wonderful live, and had been alone since the passing of her husband a few years ago. I believe they are together now.

*Our young nephew passed away unexpectedly. He has been sick, but not with something we thought would take his life. He will be missed and I know hearts are broken from the loss.

*I was blessed to find and work at my dream job, at a flower shop. I love the flowers, the people I work with, and my boss is wonderful. I am so happy to have a job that allows me to make a living, and be creative. It is also a blessing to be able to bless other peoples lives with something beautiful that can ease sadness, and put a smile on their face. I love it!

* I have a family. They are a big part of my life. I am so grateful for a wonderful husband and amazing grown children. I have two perfect daughter-in-laws and one super son-in-law, the most precious grandchildren you could ask for, and extended family that are the bomb! What would I do without them? I don’t want to think about it. I have ancestors whose example and lives help me to keep going. Family is the best!

The thing that helps me as I think about the new year, is that God is a part of my life. All our lives. He is there to listen, bless and help us as we travel through the year. His hand and guidance is “better than light, and safer than a known way.” His love can help us through anything. Sometimes during the busy, hectic days I have to stop, and just listen. Feel my heart beating… is He close?  Yes. I know He is. Say a little prayer, and tell Him how much I love Him. I know He will help me as I go on my way. He will help you, too.

This last few years I’ve really struggled with depression. I have so much sadness at times. I have not done a great job on this blog, but I want to do better, and that is my goal. I hope that what I say can be a blessing to someone reading this.

Best wishes for the New Year! 2018!

So Much Fun!!!

I am having so much fun at my new job!

It really is a dream job for me. I have worked at many jobs in my life. All have been useful in one way or another. I’ve learned a lot at each job. Some things I’ve learned are things I’d rather not experience, and some have been helpful time and time again in other life experiences. 

This job is a gift!

I feel blessed to have a fun place to work with wonderful people who I love. 

My favorite things about my job are these:

1-I am using the creative talents I have been blessed with to make something that will make someone else smile when they receive it.

2-My days are so enjoyable that the day is over before I realize it, and I haven’t missed being home doing things there. This has been a problem with other jobs, because I usually want to be home getting things done there instead of working.

3-Flowers are my favorite! I love all of God’s creations. I am in awe daily when I see all we have been given in this beautiful world. Flowers are such a sweet and delicate reminder that our Father in Heaven loves us, that our Savior and creator of the world would take the time to create the most tiny flowers. Some with heart shaped petals to show us- all of creation is important. If He cares about something so small, He cares about us, and the details of our lives.

4-I am so happy that what I do for my job is a blessing to others. I make a small contribution to making a funeral beautiful by delivering flowers for the casket. I get to see the smile on someones face when I show up at their door with flowers from someone who loves them. I get to create beautiful arrangements like the one pictured above that are lovely and brings happiness to others. What more could you ask for?

5-I get paid to do something I love, with people I love, and I get to bless and love others as a result of my work. 

I am so grateful for my new job! I will Bloom at my new job, and Plant in my heart and hopefully those I share my time with a love for beautiful flowers!!!

Bloom Where You’re Planted!

Life is all about change.

It is about moving forward, learning new things, and experiencing new experiences. It may be moving to a new home, starting a new job, welcoming a new baby, becoming an empty nester or saying goodbye to someone close to you who has passed on.

 I have never been afraid to try new things, to quit a job and move on, if that job that isn’t a good fit.

Sometimes the changes are not what we want, and sometimes they are our choice.

I have a new job.

I feel sad that I will not see the sweet little daycare kids I have grown to love.

I will get to see something I love, and have always loved my whole life!


My new job is working at a flower shop. I am hoping to have a wonderful experience with this change in my life. Flowers help people feel loved. They say someone is thinking of you. I feel like what I do at this new job is blessing other peoples lives, helping them at difficult times, happy times, and everyday moments.

I love it!

What a great opportunity for me! I will “Bloom Where I’m Planted!” at my new job!

She Was Witty, Funny, and I Loved Her!

My sweet mother in law passed away.

I will miss her.

She has been a part of my life for 32+ years. She has blessed our family with her love, and her service. We have had so many fun times together as a family. Her skills at board and card games is amazing. Once she got the word “fandango” in Scrabble! Who does that? She was so funny and always had a cute story to share every time we saw her. She was an awesome cook. Thankfully my darlin knew I’d never be as good as her, so his expectations were low. I think he got his moms abilities to cook too. Lucky for me!  She was a good lady, and wonderful mom. She was a sweet grandmother to our kids, and grandkids.

She had a love of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and served as a missionary several times. Her love of God was evident by the way she lived.

I’m sure she has reunited with her sweetheart Pearce, who passed away 3 years ago. What a reunion that must have been.

I am so grateful for her.

I will miss her, but when I do, I will think of all of the wonderful memories I have of her life. What a sweet lady!

Change: Out With the Old, In With the New!

Sometimes change is a good thing!

First the old: It all started 30 or so years ago my hubby became a locksmith. It was a choice he might not have made, except his dad decided to learn how to do it too. He was a locksmith full time for at least a year. It was a big investment financially in the beginning. There were tools, machines, keys, etc. to buy to get started. Then we realized it was not the job for us. Many things about the job made it a hard job, on call on holidays, no insurance, on and on. Even though my darlin kept the tools and machines for all these years, he didn’t do it as his job. He had moved on to better opportunities, and at this time has a great job with many benefits.

Now for the new: Like I said this locksmith job was many years ago, and we have had the tools and machines for all this time. They were taking up room in our tiny garage, and it wasn’t leaving enough room for the car. I said, “Why don’t you put all these things from locksmithing in the trunk of you car, and then when you are driving around town you can stop at a locksmithing business here in town and see if they want to buy these things?” He agreed and put them in his trunk. About six months later, he came home from running errands and said, “Guess what? I sold my locksmithing stuff.” Yay!!!

I wondered what he would do with the money.

He had such a great idea. He decided to buy a tennis racket stringer. The best part about that, is that he loves tennis!!! He is good at tennis, and plays at least once a week with friends. He had spend time and money on the locksmithing stuff so it was hard for him to part with them, but it ended up being a really great thing!

I’m so glad! 

Doors! and St. Patrick!

I love to look at doors! The things shared on doors are always interesting and fun. The door above in my parents door. Of course it’s March, and I think we all become a little Irish in March. It’s just a fun holiday. 

A holiday celebrating, St Patrick who was kidnapped from his home in Britain, taken to Ireland, and held captive for years. He later escaped and returned home to his family. He became a priest and returned to Ireland. He is celebrated as the one who brought Christianity to Ireland. I love the idea that he was able to forgive the people who kidnapped him, and bring religion to them. Teaching us all that forgiveness is necessary to move forward and bless others. 

So, back to my parents home, and door. My mom loves to share cute and fun decorations on her door. I couldn’t resist taking a picture today when I went to visit them. I love this Celtic Cross and Irish Prayer.

“My God give you…

For every storm, a rainbow,

For every tear, a smile,

For every care, a promise,

And a blessing in each trial. 

For every problem life sends,

A faithful friend to share,

For every sigh, a sweet song,

And an answer to every prayer.

I hope we all enjoy the little lessons in history, and to celebrate them when the holiday comes!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!