Family History Friday: Recording Events!

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We had a Family Reunion this last week in St. George, Utah. My darlin’s granddad passed away in St. George 45 years ago. It is a neat story and is a legend in my husbands family. He had just teed off while golfing and said, “That was a beauty.” He had a heart attack and died. He was a semi-pro golfer. He loved golfing. We feel that there isn’t a better way for him to go than while doing something he loved so much.

So my darlin’s cousin set up a golf tournament in honor of their granddad. After the tournament, we all gathered at a park and reminisced about granddad.

Well, I opened an app I recently downloaded for my Iphone. It’s called Voice Memos. It is free and has come in very handy for event’s just like this. I recorded the conversations and am now in the process of typing them up. I can email the audio to others and give the paper copy to a few that don’t have a way to receive it digitally. Don’t you just love technology? What a blessing!!! Try it and see what you can record that will help with your family history.

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Grandma or Grandmother?

Grandmother and Granddad

When I was growing up, my grandparents were all called grandma or grandpa with their last name added to differentiate between them. It worked good. I saw my maternal grandparents more than I saw my paternal grandparents. All of them lived away from our family, but my paternal grandparents live a greater distance. I never met my paternal grandpa, and I only saw my paternal grandma a handful of times in my life. Sad but true.

When my darlin and I got married I learned that his paternal grandparents were called, grandma and grandpa just like mine, but his maternal grandparents were called grandmother and granddad. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, it seemed so formal. As we became parents my mother-in-law wanted our children to call her grandmother. It worked great. The children would call my parents grandma and grandpa, and my darlin’s parents grandmother and granddad. It really did simplify things. With little effort, we all knew who the children were talking about.

Grandma and Grandpa