Sunday Best! Happy Fathers Day!


“Fatherhood is much more than a social construct or the product of evolution. The role of father is of divine origin.”-D. Todd Christofferson

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there!!! 

This happy and jolly looking fellow is my daddy! He is the best dad for me. His life and example are truly inspirational.

When he was young he dropped out of school. He was probably bored, because he worked and did other things and still ended up getting his GED at the same time the other kids his age were graduating. He was always motivated to get things done, to move forward and accomplish more in his life. This example has made me want to be productive, and accomplish things in my life. Once he finished school, he joined the army. He met my mom when he was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco. He became a brick layer after that which meant that he could create and build things. He has always had the most beautiful yards and homes because he has a knack for building and creating. My darlin and I had our wedding reception 30 years ago in the yard he designed and landscaped. It was lovely. He got a masters degree and then a PhD. So smart! Such motivation! He was building a home and working a full time job the same year he got his doctorate. Don’t forget, he also had 5 kids and a sweet and supportive wife. He seems to have a vision for the best way to get things accomplished, and then moves ahead to finish what he started. He’ll tell you he’s not perfect, but he really is! He is 82 years old and still active and blessing others with his time and knowledge. My daddy and I have a standing date around the first of each month. He’ll call me and say, “Is this you? This is me, when do you want to have a date?” I just laugh and say, “Yes, it’s me! Is this you?” We set a date and it always turns out to be such a treasured time to me. I sure love my dad! I am so grateful that I have been blessed by his example, and love for all my life!

Thank you Daddy for being a wonderful Father!!! oxoxo

I hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

10 Reasons Why I love Being a Grandma!

When we first became parents, we were thrilled.

A tiny human was now part of our lives and we were overwhelmed, but looking forward to a lifetime of getting to know our child. How would we do it all? There was so much to learn. There were so many new emotions and concerns we had never even thought of, like, making sure he pooped and peed enough. How much formula is just the right amount? What if he won’t burp? At times he would not stop crying, why?

It all worked itself out. We did it! We have been and are successful parents. Yay!!!

Now the reward.

We get to be grandparents!

Let me tell you the 10 reasons why I love being a grandma!

10-Grandchildren are a blessing!

It is amazing how blessed I feel knowing that I get to have these little ones in my life.


9-Their little happy faces light up when they see you.

When we drive up to the house and they are waiting for us- it’s the best.


8-Grandchildren are adorable.

It is almost impossible to see your grandchild and not want to squish her (or him).


7-Little hugs around the neck are the best. 

To have my grandchildren hug me is to know that I am an important part of their world.


6-Grandchildren are very entertaining.

They are cute, funny, silly, dramatic, and emotional.


5-Spoiling them is expected.

It is so fun to buy them things, make them things, feed them things, and kiss them, and hug them, and love them so much!!

4-Grandchildren have sweet little piggy’s on their feet that need kisses.


3-They are your reward for not killing your kids.

I’m so glad I didn’t kill their dad when he was a teenager. Really.IMG_0179

2-Grandchildren remind us that God is good, and that the world must go on. 

How can you doubt it when you see that face?


1-When you’re a grandparent you get to send them home, and get a good nights sleep!!


Grandparenthood rocks! 

Now for the great news!  This little guy will be joining our family in September!


Look at this precious little soul!

Can you stand it?

I can’t wait to be a grandma…again!

I am so excited for this new baby to love!!!