Sunday Best!

“Today, in a quiet grove at Valley Forge, there is an heroic-sized monument to Washington. He is depicted not astride a charging horse nor overlooking a battlefield of glory, but kneeling in humble prayer, calling upon the God of Heaven for divine help. To gaze upon the statue prompts the mind to remember the oft-heard expression, ‘A man never stands taller than when upon his knees.

“Men and women of integrity, character, and purpose have ever recognized a power higher than themselves and have sought through prayer to be guided by that power. Such has it ever been. So shall it ever be.” (Thomas S. Monson, Ensign, May 1978, “The Prayer of Faith”).


Years ago I went with my son Alex on a field trip to the Utah State Capitol. We were able to view the above painting by Arnold Friberg, “Prayer at Valley Forge”.

What a beautiful painting.

As we came out of the room where the painting was displayed, standing there talking to people was Arnold Friberg. I was so excited, and we came closer to listen to what he was telling those standing around him.

He was talking about how when he was painting General Washington’s hands, the traditional way to depict praying hands was with the palms together, the fingers extended, and the hands flat against each other. He said he wanted to show the earnest feeling General Washington must was have felt, by putting the hands together with the fingers interlocked and kind of clenched, almost white knuckled. Wow, it changed the way I will view that painting forever! Mr. Friberg was a very nice man, and it was an experience I will never forget.

I am so grateful for George Washington. For his conviction and determination. What a great patriot! I am even more grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who directed the founding leaders of our great nation! God Bless America!

Lights on!

The other night Kelsey and I went to the grocery store. In the parking lot there was a car with it’s light still on, but no one in the car.

I know there are some pretty amazing cars around now that have lights that stay on for a minute or something like that after the driver leaves the car. I don’t have one of those cars, and personally it would drive me nuts. First of all, people would always be telling me, “Hey, your lights are still on!” I know they would, because I do it to other people. Second, I don’t see the sense in it. Why?

So we saw this car with it’s lights still on, and I said to Kelsey, “We better tell someone in the store to announce it so that car battery doesn’t run down.”

We went in and proceeded to shop. Completely forgetting to tell anyone about the car. We were only in the store for about ten minutes and then came out to go home. Kelsey said, “Hey, that car is gone. The one with the lights on.”

I was amazed that all of a sudden, it came back to me. “Whoopsie,” I said to Kelsey, “I try so hard to be a helpful person, but being helpful is only helpful if you’re helpful!”

I won’t be surprised if that quote ends up on pinterest. 🙂

Just a Little Snow Storm?

 It’s hard to believe it’s not even Halloween, and we have snow. It has been snowing on and off since yesterday. Although our family has commented that we’re not quite ready for snow, it looks so beautiful!

We didn’t get the toys put away, and now they’re covered. The daycare kids think it looks so cool! It’s a winter wonderland in fall!!


These two darling girls where born on the same day.

They lovingly refer to themselves as “twins.”

I’ve always said, “They held hands on the slippery slide from heaven to earth.” They really aren’t twins in the real sense of the word. You could call them “Sister’s from different misters.”

The one on the left is, of course my “Bonus baby”, Emily. The one on the right is Linsey. Linsey’s mom is one of my best friends, Lilli. Before our baby’s were born, I called my best friend Lilli to tell her I was expecting, and she said, “Guess what? I am expecting too!” And the neatest part is that we were due days apart. By the miracle of modern medicine our baby’s were born on the same day, only about two hours apart.

It has been such a fun thing for Lilli and I to have our baby’s at the same time and raise them together. I totally recommend it. Having friends that go through similar experiences together makes life fun.

Sunday Best!

“There is nothing sad or gloomy about a person who accept the truths of the gospel and incorporates these principles in his daily living. God wants all of his children to be joyous and glad, and we can have this blessing if we are willing to keep his commandments and live by his word in all that we do”

-Howard W. Hunter

Hope your Sunday was the Best!  Love, Joy

So Funny!

 Here is Emily and Lexie!

They’re wearing t-shirts that are stapled in the crotch. It looks like a onesie. Emily and Lex bought these t-shirts at the thrift store. We don’t even know who “Dan Schwab” is.

These girls crack me up!

Sunday Best!

17 Miracles 

   The movie “17 Miracles” has been out for over a year, but we watched it again tonight as a  family.

It is a great movie!

It is the story, or part of the story, of the Mormon handcart pioneers. In particular the Willie Handcart Company. The movie tells the story of Levi Savage, and other pioneers as they make their way across the plains in 1856 to the Salt Lake Valley. They have many hardships. Many of them die on the way. They almost don’t make it, but they were rescued by brave men who came for them from Salt Lake. The best part about the movie, and my favorite part, are the miracles. There are more than “17” miracles. We did a count during the movie, and had a discussion and the more we discussed it, the more miracles we came up with.

I love that God has a hand in our lives. He is totally aware of us and what we’re going through. Sometimes He allows us to go through trials to help us grow, and sometimes it is so others can grow, seeing the sacrifice that is made. I am sure many people are amazed and changed after hearing about what the pioneers went through.

I know I am.

If you would like to know more about the movie, you can go here!

Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

Grandma or Grandmother?

Grandmother and Granddad

When I was growing up, my grandparents were all called grandma or grandpa with their last name added to differentiate between them. It worked good. I saw my maternal grandparents more than I saw my paternal grandparents. All of them lived away from our family, but my paternal grandparents live a greater distance. I never met my paternal grandpa, and I only saw my paternal grandma a handful of times in my life. Sad but true.

When my darlin and I got married I learned that his paternal grandparents were called, grandma and grandpa just like mine, but his maternal grandparents were called grandmother and granddad. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, it seemed so formal. As we became parents my mother-in-law wanted our children to call her grandmother. It worked great. The children would call my parents grandma and grandpa, and my darlin’s parents grandmother and granddad. It really did simplify things. With little effort, we all knew who the children were talking about.

Grandma and Grandpa

Sunday Best!

“Our freedom to choose our course of conduct does not provide personal freedom from the consequences of our performances. God’s love for us is constant and will not diminish, but  he cannot rescue us from the painful results that are caused by wrong choices.”         -Marvin J. Ashton

Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy