Sunday Best!


“Let us be wise in all things, and keep all the commandments of God, that our salvation may be sure. Having our armor ready and prepared against the time appointed and having on the whole armor of righteousness, we may be able to stand in that trying day”-Joseph Smith

Hope your Sunday is the Best! Love, Joy



My little darlin’ is very athletic!

He can do most sports very well. He would not say that…but I would. He is very humble about it all. I can’t do sports at all. (Although, I used to be a gymnast, like a hundred years ago)

He’s always trying to get me to do sports with him. Honestly, I’m not sure if Golfing is a sport, but that is what this post is about, so here we go.

Up at Bear Lake, he wanted to hit a bucket of balls. I love to watch him!!! Well, on the way to hit the bucket of balls he says, “Let’s go putt for a minute.” I’m like, “Nooo, I’m not very good.” He keeps encouraging me, and so we go over to the putting green. We hit a few balls back and forth on the green, and pretty soon it’s a great time.

I said one of the funniest things…I said,

“I hate it when you make me have fun!”

We laughed!


Now, when ever he tries to get me to do sports I say,

“I hate it when you make me have fun!”


Sunday Best!

“When we’re healing the body, it’s always an inward effort….when we heal the soul turning inward doesn’t work. And the triage of the soul is found in turning outward to other people.”

It is such a blessing to serve. 

Hope your Sunday is the Best! Love, Joy

Inspired Rocks.


Years ago we decided to do some rock walls in an area of our yard. My daddy is an amazing landscaper! His first grown up job was as a brick layer, which helped him develop skills for all kinds of yard projects. He has built rock walls many times in his life.

So my darlin’ and I asked for his help in making our rock wall. My dad said to go get a load of rocks and when you’ve got them we’ll do it. My darlin went to pick up a load. He hunted and looked through the rocks at the quarry. He spent a lot of time picking what he thought was the best rocks, then brought them home.

When my dad saw the rocks he said, “Hmm…they’re not very “inspired.” We were both not sure what he meant. He went on to explain that round rocks, like the rocks that have been in a river, that are smooth and roundish from the water running over and around them don’t make the best rocks for a wall. The best rocks for a wall are irregular and have edges that kind of fit together like a puzzle. The best rocks are “inspired” rocks.

I love the way my daddy described the rocks as “inspired.” 

I will never look at a rock wall without thinking about the day I learned what an “inspired” rock is!