Go with the Flow!

I recently visited a family cabin of one of my dear friends. It was in a beautiful mountain setting. Everything was blooming and lush. In the background we could hear the sound of water. Not a little or small amount of water, but a large stream, swollen with the water from spring runoff. Pictured is the beautiful stream. I could sit there for hours watching and listening. The stream went under the road, through a big pipe. Once in a while we would hear a rock being forced through the pipe by the current. It was powerful. 
My whole life, it seems, I’ve heard the phrase, 
“Go with the flow.”
What does it mean? To me it means whatever life gives you, be your best. Life will be rough and tumble sometimes, and other times things will be going so good, that you fear for the bubble to pop. But no matter what happens in life. We are in charge of how we feel. In the middle of hardship, we can have gratitude. In the middle of calm, we can feel peace. In whatever circumstances that life gives us, we can “Go with the flow!”
 I thought about this stream and how at certain times it might be hard, even dangerous to 
“Go with the flow.”
 In the stream of life, we are not always in charge of how fast the flow is, or how slow the flow is. Just like this stream, there are outside forces determining the flow. When the stream is swollen with the spring runoff, it can be a messy place. There is debris all along the way. But when the runoff is over, the stream is a very peaceful and calm place. 
“Go with the flow!”
 If things are moving fast, and they get kinda messy…
“Go with the flow!”
 If life has slowed down and you long for more excitement…
“Go with the flow!”
 Sometimes life has a way of telling us what we need. If we get going so fast and crazy, we get sick and then we are forced to slow down. The shrubs around the stream sure got a pounding from the water flowing by. But when the water calms down. They will get a brake from the turbulence. 
I wonder if Father in heaven is up there saying to us, 
“Go with the flow! You can do it!”?
Don’t you just love nature. It really gets me thinking. When I am there…with God’s creations, I know He loves us. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to learn and grow, and sometimes the “flow” is like a spring runoff, and sometimes it’s like a peaceful trickling brook. 
“Go with the flow!” Love, Joy

Cute baby owl’s!

Can you see this baby owl 
in the bottom of the milk can?
He must have flown in and got stuck. When I went out on the patio to look at the stars, I heard some funny noises. The noises were kind of like purring. I called my darlin out to listen. He got his flashlight and went out toward the trees. We saw about 4 or 5 baby owl’s in the trees. 
Then my darlin started hearing lots of noise coming from the milk can. We looked in, and this is what we saw. He was stuck. We took a few pictures, then my sweetie, carefully leaned the milk can on it’s side. The little guy walked out and flew away. Yeah!!!
He looks kind of grumpy! 
But beautiful!
Here is one of them 
on the power line.
You can barely see him, 
but he’s there with red eyes!! 

Totally "Fort Worth" It!

Hermana Kelsey 5:1 -email-
Mi Familia!!
Hola! Como estan? I did have a great week! Lots of really great things are happening in T.! I will continue with that in a few lines. But first off, that would be so cool if you got a job with the church. I’ve heard they take really good care of  their employees. I will definitely be praying that you get the job. It has been really hot down here in Texas. 90’s and 100’s plus humidity, and we’ve been walking and tracting A LOT, because we are low on miles again. They cut our miles for this month, so we have even less than before. But we just try to drink lots and lots of water, so we don’t get dehydrated.
Anyway, I miss having family parties. 🙁 I also miss real home cooked food. We get it a few times when we eat with members, but i miss having a real Sunday dinner. It’s okay though.
Okay so this week…
Monday: We had our p-day as usual. Although it was kind of a weird p-day. We went down to R’s to visit come less actives and an investigator down there. But, none of them were home. We also ate at this restaurant that one of our members works at so it’s free to eat there. It was kind of a bust day.
Tuesday: I accidentally broke my glasses. 🙁 I was in the bathroom and I leaned forward to pick something up off the ground, and they just fell of my face and broke in half. It was sad. We also tracted a lot. We spent about 4 hours doing white cards, which are people that have talked with missionaries at some point before and said they were interested, so we go to their house and set up appointments for other days.
Wednesday: We also spent a lot of time tracting today. We tracted in this kind of scary area, which it wasn’t bad because it was the middle of the day, but still. Anyway, this random lady came up to us, and asked if she could use our phone. Sister S let her, and then Sister S asked if we could share a pass along card with her. She said sure. As Sister S was explaining what it was, the lady blurted out, “I’m a prostitute.” Sister S just stopped talking for a second. We were both a little shocked. But Sister S just continued talking about how the gospel can help everyone, no matter what their situation. All we have to do is rely on the Lord. She agreed, and then we left. But it was a strange experience to say the least.
Thursday: We went to this anniversary party for this old couple that comes to the Assisted Living place by our apartment that we go and visit. It was their 68th wedding anniversary. They are so old, but still really healthy and full of life. And also a little bit crazy. But we love them all the same. They come and do an activity thing every Thursday morning, to get the old people there out of their rooms, and doing something active (ish). They are so cute. Also, we met this other really old lady from a referral we received from one of the members of our branch. She talked so much she made us late for our FHE with one of our less active families. But she was really cute.
Friday: Nothing really happened today. It was just a normal day in paradise. 🙂
Saturday: We had interviews with President Sagers. He told me I need to not be afraid to speak spanish, but also that I probably won’t have it down very well until about 9 months in. Hopefully I get it sooner than that though. I am definitely improving, but I still struggle with knowing what to say to people. I usually can understand most of what they are saying, but I just don’t know what to say back to them. Also, Mexico played against, the U.S. and won. I didn’t watch the game, because we aren’t allowed, but I have inside sources that tell me who won,a nd who is playing who. Secretly, I wanted Mexico to win, but I told everyone I was rooting for the U.S. I have to support my own country, right? 🙂 But especially recently, I have learned to really love the people from Mexico. I used to be a little afraid of Hispanic people, but they are seriously some of the coolest people I have ever met.
Sunday: We had a great Sunday. We had 8 investigators in sacrament meeting, which is really great. Last week we had 11, but 8 is still really good. We are getting so busy here. I feel like really stretched thin sometimes, like there’s too many people for just the two of us to be in charge of, but somehow, with the help of the Lord, we always figure it out. We had our baptismal interview with our investigator that is going to be baptized on July 2nd. His name is Jesse. He’s a pretty cool guy, but I’m not sure if he is getting baptized for the right reasons. He wants to marry one of our members, so I think that probably has something to do with his sudden decision to get baptized, when he didn’t really have a desire to do it before. But we’re going to baptize him. 🙂 Already my 2nd baptism. It’s so exciting! But it was also a sad day because our branch president’s brother and sister, who help us all the time with the missionary work, are leaving for Mexico on Wednesday, so it was their last Sunday. 🙁
But anyway, that was my week. I’ll answer a few of the questions you sent, but not all of them apply to me.
1 Have you heard about transfers?
1. I don’t know about transfers, because our transfers aren’t until the 20th of July, but I have a feeling President is going to transfer me. I really hope he doesn’t, but I just have this feeling that it is going to happen. 🙁
3 What is your favorite thing about working in T?
3 My favorite thing about working in T. are the people. We have some of the greatest members in our branch, and the people just generally are nice. We have met a lot of people who are very open to the gospel as well. Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people to receive the gospel.
4 What is your least favorite thing about working in T? 
4. I don’t really have a least favorite thing, but I’m not really a fan of the heat, or the bugs. We get mosquito bites all the time, because we have to teach outside a lot at night.
7 Do you have a member family that helps you a lot?
7 A member family that helps us a lot is the S’s. That is our branch president and his siblings. Our president is so involved with everyone, and knows everyone’s story. It’s amazing.
Anyway, I have to go now. But I love all of you lots! Sorry, I don’t have time to write to you all! 🙁 Bye!
con amor,
Hermana Kelsey

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 12:3 -email-

this week has been good on saturday i had one of the toughest days on mission we walked so far and got bunked so many times it was rediciulous!!!
but ya life is good.
1 Have you heard about transfers?
1.yep i have
2 If so where are you going?
2.i’m staying in swaziland but i’m going to the boonies a place called Nhlangano!!!

3 What is your favorite thing about working in Swaziland?
3.well it safer than SA
4 What is your least favorite thing about working in Swaziland?
4.well it gets kinda repetitive you do the same exact thing every day.
5 Were you able to get a few souvenirs? 
5.ya, you know in “the gods must be crazy” how that one little black guy sits and plays that little musical instrument? i bought one of those.
6 Name all the Elder’s you serve with, there?6.Elder Diseko ,Elder Reeder, Elder Cooly, Elder Henson, Elder Herrity, Elder Muteriswa, Elder Tualufo, Elder Peirce, Elder Sesunga, Elder Jonga, Elder Sakpaku, Elder Munger, Elder Smith(my new comp) Elder Klakotse, and Elder Lyon. and Elder and Sister Blackburn.
7 Do you have a member family that helps you a lot?
7.ya its the Dlamini Family with babe George, Make Fhuti, oldest son Scelo and the middle son cant remember his name but then the young boy Levi. 

8 Did you ever make it to the game reserve?
8.not a huge one, but we will at some point.
9 Do you study your Preach My Gospel everyday?
10 Most Spiritual experience this week?
10.well we have been teaching this babe (Dad, I think?) he is a very nice guy we taught him at a public library and that lesson was really powerful.
Special question of the week:
11 How does desire help us to be all we should be in life?
11.well controlling our desire makes us want to do good not just do it. 
anyway love you mom. 
Love Elder Flexy

well the other day our recent converts bore the sweetest tesimony because he was a false prophet before he was baptised and he shared about how he new it was wrong, but now has had made the right choice. but ya he is now teaching the Preach my gospel class to the perspective missionaries. but ya life is good mission is going great.
love Elder Flexy

well i’m glad you gave a talk in church you will be a great missionary if you keep teaching even now. but ya mission is good. love you my sister.
Love Elder Flexy 

Happy First Day of Summer!!

It’s the first day of summer! 
What are your plans? 
Traveling the world?
We are going to re-roof our home! 
(Is re-roof a word?)
And when I say “we” are going to
 re-roof our home, I me “we!”
I know, lookin good!
 It’s been needing it for years!
 Scary huh! I bet you’re thinking we are “those” neighbors. The ones that everyone wishes would move. We really are good neighbors, I promise, but we didn’t have…*ahem*… the…you know, the money. Now thanks to my mom-in-law for loaning us the money, we will getter done!! 
Thank you Nancy, 
I love you to bits!

If that sounds fun to you, come on over! 

We know how to have a good time. 
I will be sure to take plenty of pictures of our roofing party!!
I hope this doesn’t sound too much like I’m complaining. 
I am not. I am so glad we finally get to -get it done!!!!

Totally "Fort Worth" It!

Hermana Kelsey 4:5 -email-

This week has been great. There were a few weird things on the way, but all is well. I have decided that I am going to write you differently for a little while to try out how I like it.
We played soccer for last p-day. Hermana S, my companion, is a little crazy in soccer and she’s like a freakin wall. If you try to go up against her she will boot you out of the way. We get a little violent with each other, but that is how we do companionship inventory. 🙂 I’m just kidding.
I had a really bad day. We spent a lot of time at the hospital because we have a new investigator who’s wife is in the ICU so we go and teach him at the hospital. Anyway, I don’t know what it is about that place, but I get really sad and stuff when we go there, and I can’t understand what anyone is saying in spanish. It’s weird. But anyway, so we were there visiting, and it threw me off for the whole rest of the night. So I pretty much felt completely useless. Anyway, so I cried a little. Then as we were driving home I was crying a little and all of the sudden I see police lights in my rearview mirror. Yeah, I got pulled over! He told me it was because I was driving around without my lights on. I blame Sister V for that, because she told me they turned on automatically. But it was okay, he just let me off. Anyway, as we were pulling away after that, we got a call from one of our branch members that Joe (our investigator at the hospital) ‘s wife had just passed away. So then we were all sad. Then about 30 minutes later we got a call from her saying that they had revived her. So she wasn’t actually dead. It was crazy!
We met with the Young Women in our branch (there was supposed to be 5 girls, but there ended up only being one). We talked to her about missionary work, and answered any questions she had. It was pretty cool. Then we personalized some Book of Mormons by writing our testimonies in the front. After we got done, the Young Women’s president gave us a gift bag with some stuff from Bath and Body Works. It was pretty awesome.
We went to the assisted living place by our apartment, and “gambled” with the old people. We played 21 with these giant dice. It was fun. Those old people are so awesome, but most of them are completely NUTS! Most of them fall asleep while we are there. It’s funny. Also, we are running low on miles, of course, so we tried to ride them bus today. We ended up getting stuck in downtown T., because the bus didn’t come when it was supposed to. It was pretty lame. But we had one of the members from the english ward give us a ride. She saved our lives! Just kidding.
Nothing really happened today, except we decided to tract this one trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. We pulled in, and I asked Hermana S where she wanted to start. She said, “I don’t know”. I didn’t know either, so we just drove for a few seconds and then I randomly stopped the van. We got out, knocked a couple doors. We thought it was a bust, because it was all uninterested white people. Then the next one we knocked was a Hispanic woman. She was really interested. We asked her if there were any other hispanic people around, and she told us there was only them, and the lady across the street, who was at work when we were there. It was crazy that we found her!
We have a restaurant down here called Billy Bob’s. They have an eating challenge called “The Fat Daddy Challenge”. You have to eat a hamburger with 6 patties, a large fry, and a milkshake, all within 30 minutes. So a bunch of the Elders decided to try it. It was crazy. Only four of the eight actually did it, but it was really fun to watch. Except I felt sick just watching them.
We talked in sacrament today…and I may or may not have almost passed out close to the end of my talk. I accidentally locked my knees the whole time I was talking. It was really weird. But on the good side, my branch president commented on how well my spanish is coming along, so that was cool.
Anyway, I’m a little sad I missed F’s Day! That is one of my favorite days of the year. I better go now though. Te amo mucho!
Love, Kelsey
Happy Father’s Day! I wrote you a card that I sent in the mail today. I actually forgot yesterday was Father’s Day until our branch president announced it at church. Whoops! That’s cool you’re working on the apartment. I’m glad you are still keeping busy. I sure am! Our area is doing so great! We have had so many amazing miracles happening. I know the Lord knows that the people here are ready for the gospel. Anyway, I better go now. Te amo!
Love, Kelsey

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 12:2 -email-

this week has been great. we had a missionary fireside yesterday and it went well it was stressful but it worked out good. ya two more weeks and i’m leaving this area and finding some fresh soil to sow and reap in but there will be the baptisms of 5-6 people the sunday after i leave this area but those still count as my baptisms. that will make the total ten baptisms in my first year. ya i just started emailing kelsey, colter and andy. today we are going to the king sabuzah memorial so that should be fun. this week we played some street soccer with some little kids it was pretty fun i’m getting good at soccer. well thats all for now. love you
    Love Elder Flexy 

well it sounds like things area getting done with your friend Jack. thats cool that his son wrestled I’ve wrestled a few people on mission and it is so fun. we have seen some pretty sweet cars this side. there is this car called a gusheshe its a really gangster square bmw and its pretty dope!! but ya this week has been the same as always. love you
    Love Elder Flexy  

Alex, i hope all is well. i havent written even though i have been meaning to, i apologize i just get super busy and stuff. i have been volunteering at the bike collective, its super fun and fulfilling. its basically a non profit bike shop there to help the homeless and or lower income a place to come work on their bikes and seek professional assistance…… basically im a pro bike mechanic by now 😉 you should see the bike i just built, its a fixed gear road bike and i ride that beast 24 miles a day about. its ill. when you come home we will have to build you a bike. then pop you and i can do some baller rides 😉 i hope all is well man i hope to send you a REAL letter asap and ill see if i cant attach pics of my build. good luck my bro stay strong. love riley
well thats good that your doing some good service to help other people but ya a real letter would be nice but ya mission is good can you believe that i’m almost a year out!!! anyway time is far spent. i love you man
    Love Elder Flexy  

Dear Sexy Flexy Elder Man!!! 🙂 You are my favorite I’m so glad to hear you were doin good! Is that still true?! You doin ok?! I’m doing fantastic I am now done with summer school and I went to EFY all last week and it was SO amazing but i miss everyone from there it was such a great experience and Iearned a lot and i had work today and it was super great i loved it a lot!! 🙂 But yeah life is so good yesterday was founders day thats such good times and i went swimming and a lot of fun stuff and went to fireworks and such and the parade and mom was the toothfairy again of course!! She is so cute and funny it was fabulous! And yeah i bore my testimony at EFY and was talkin about missionaries and mentioned you and Kels 🙂 Anyway it has been a great time and i am very happy but yeah I love you so much my cute brother stay strong and be happy!! Put a smile on that cute little missionary white boy face of yours! Bye Al I love your guts 🙂 
i’m so glad life is going good for you life is good this side as well but i’m out of time so i love you see you in a minute.
    Love Elder Flexy