A Wonderful Temple Trip!

We had a wonderful day today! We returned home from a trip to St. George, and on the way stopped to attend the Manti Temple. It was a great experience!

photo 1 (10)Check out this goofy picture of me trying to take a selfie of us.

This beautiful lady that went with us is my niece, Amanda. I love her!

photo 4 (5)

This is the Manti, Utah Temple!! It is one of the only temples that doesn’t have the Angel Moroni on it, but look at the beautiful architecture. I reminds me of a castle.

Each year there is a pageant on the lawn below the temple. It’s free and open to the public. You can check out the website here.

photo 4 (6)It is beautiful and the furnishings in it are very lovely. They are all from the period which the temple was build. It was announced by President Brigham Young in 1875, and dedicated in 1888. It was a big sacrifice to for the people who built it. You can read about the work that went into building it here.

photo 3 (6)

Here is another great place to hear about the Manti Temple!

I feel so blessed to be able to attend the temple and feel the spirit there.

It was a beautiful day!!!

Temple Tuesday?

A new chapter has started in my life.

I have been very blessed to do daycare in my home for three years. I love children. I love the ones I’ve tended. I can’t imagine my life without the experience of having them in my home.

The new chapter is that I have a new job. It is a great opportunity.

So, I will not be available for Tuesday Adventures anymore. We will continue to attend the temple every week. It is a glorious place and such a blessing to our week, and to our lives.

Tonight we attended the Brigham City Temple. It is so beautiful!

photo 1 (6)Just look at it!

And when we came out this little treat was on our car. photo 4 (3) It was a sweet experience that’s for sure!!!

Tuesday Adventure!

We had a fun Tuesday up in Park City, Utah!

We were spending time with family making Mandala’s!

photo 1 (4)

We took wonderfully shaped rocks and made these fun and beautiful designs on them and painted them with paint markers.

Here is a definition of a Mandala: “The word ‘mandala’ is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean ‘circle,’ a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself–a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.”

You can read about them here!

 We were just being creative mostly, not necessarily following any rules. It was super fun and I just wanted to make more and more of them.

These two are mine.photo 1 (4)Find some rocks and make designs! It is very fun!!!

Tuesday Adventure!

We had a wonderful Tuesday!!! After a wonderful visit to the Bountiful Temple we drove to Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City! It is one of my favorite places in the world! I love the feeling you get when you step onto the square. There is definitely a lovely spirit as you walk through and see the beautiful sights. photo 1

My sweetheart and I were married in this beautiful building (above). It is the Salt Lake Temple! It is my favorite because of that. It is a absolutely gorgeous building inside and out!

photo 3This building is the Assembly Hall. Our son, Riley, once sang with his high school choir in there. It is a very pretty building. And the statue in front of it is the Seagull Monument. It commemorates the miracle of the Seagulls.

The pioneers had recently entered the Salt Lake Valley and were trying to grow food when a huge infestation of crickets started eating the crops. There were so many crickets they were afraid that they would not have any food. So they prayed and asked God for help, and many Seagulls came and started eating the crickets. The Seagulls would fly away and regurgitate the crickets and come back and eat some more. The crop was saved and the pioneers thanked God for the miracle.

photo 2

Right next to the Seagull Monument is a beautiful bronze statue of some handcart pioneers. These pioneers where so valiant. They struggled more than most of the pioneers. Imagine putting everything you own in a small handcart like the one behind the parents in this statue. You would also need supplies and food. How could you fit everything? If someone got sick or injured they would have to fit in the handcart. An awesome movie that shares the story of the handcart pioneers is called 17 Miracles. I have 8 pioneer families in my ancestry, but none of them came by handcart. They used covered wagons. All of the pioneers were the most diligent, hard working, and stalwart people. I am so happy to read about my pioneer ancestors.

photo 4

Another view of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple!!! It is a sacred and holy place.photo 5 (5)

Then we went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was the Hotel Utah originally. Now it is a monument to a great prophet!! Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ back to the earth. He was a wonderful man. You can hear about him here and here!photo 2 (4)It is a very beautiful building!!photo 2 (2)

Look at the details in the trim and the beautiful chandelier! 
photo 4 (2)
It was a busy and fun day! We visited a few other places, but I will share those at a later time.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful we were able to visit temple square. Oh, I almost forgot. One thing I do every time I visit temple square is hug as many sister missionaries as I can and tell them I love them! I hope someone is loving and hugging my sweet Emily on her mission too!!!

Tuesday Adventure!

We went to a little tiny town called Cedar Fort! Some of my ancestors settled in this little town back in the 1800’s. The area was beautiful!!



Old headstones!IMG_1701What a beautiful view! It was very lovely there.

The wind would come up every now and then. It reminded me a little bit of Wyoming.


This Billy goat was so cute. If you look close you’ll see he’s sitting partially under the pipe in the stream bed. I thought that was so clever of him. I got a little closer to see if there was water in the ditch, and he got scared and tried to run. He didn’t get far because of the rope. I tried to explain to him we were just trying to take some pictures of him. He just stared at us. He’s a cute Billy!
IMG_1712Just look at this picture! How beautiful! We are so blessed to live in this beautiful world. The mountain way off in the distance is Mt. Timpanogos. 
 Whenever I get the opportunity to visit a place where my ancestors walked and lived I feel more connected to them. They are all amazing to me.

After we left Cedar Fort, we made a quick stop in Cabela’s. My darlin’ was in heaven. Me? not so much!

The best part of the day was attending the Draper Temple.

So beautiful!!! It was a wonderful day! I love the temple.


Tuesday Adventure!

We had so much fun going to Promontory Summit!!! In case you didn’t know, it’s where the two trains met up back on May 10, 1869! It marked the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, connecting the Central and Union Pacific Railroads. After that people could travel across the country by rail. We found out while we were there, that at the moment the last spike was driven into the tie a telegraph was sent, “D-O-N-E.” It was like the first reality show! The whole country knew at one time!!!

photo 2

Having the rails connected shorten the time to get things from coast to coast, including people! The locomotives are very ornate and a sight to behold!

photo 4

The park ranger said, “They’re not trains unless cars are attached to them, they’re locomotives.” Got it! She told us that they are so beautiful because they were like the billboard for the company that owned them. Later in history locomotives were painted one color and not so beautiful. Boring! Another thing, they got their power from steam. The 119 locomotive on the right is a coal burner. The Jupiter is a wood burner. It was fun because the wood and coal smell was in the air. I found myself wanting to go for a long train ride.

photo 5 There is a little demonstration where the locomotives moved on the rails, blew their horns, and went backwards and forwards. That was really run!!! One thing I never knew, was something the park ranger pointed out, when the locomotive gets close you can hear the rails “sing”. It’s a clangy, clapping type of sound with a little hum. It was awesome!

Now you know. Promontory Summit is in north western Utah. You should visit if you can. I loved it!

After, we went to the Logan Temple. It has become one of our favorite places for two reasons. One, it is a Holy and Sacred place where we can feel close to our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Two, it is a beautiful temple, and Logan is a charming little town.

DSC04390I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

Tuesday Adventure!

We had a fun adventure finding

Dingle, Idaho.

It is very close to Bear Lake, on the north east side of the lake.

IMG_1427I have a friend who was born in Dingle, so I wanted to know where it is!!!

It is a great little tiny town. They have their own Fire Station.


We saw snakes on the road! Here is one of them. That’s something I don’t see everyday.


There was this beautiful old home that has been restored! Wow!


IMG_1432I had no idea there was a Dingle Bottoms Road. Hmmmm.


Beautiful!IMG_1436A mama and her baby!

IMG_1446What a wonderful Tuesday Adventure!

It is such a blessing it is to live in this beautiful world!!! Thanks, Father in Heaven!

Tuesday Adventure!

I should probably be calling it Temple Tuesday! My sweetie and I have made a goal to visit the temple once a week, and since Tuesday is my day off from daycare, it seems to be the best day. I really do love it!

Today we made a visit to the Salt Lake Temple.

But on the way, we stopped at a beautiful cemetery and took a picture of this headstone. John LeSueur is one of my ancestors. He is from the Island of Jersey. It is one of the Channel Islands. They’re in the English Channel, between England and France. He was a pioneer. A truly heroic example. I’m always amazed that my ancestors could leave their homeland behind and make a new life in a place that is unknown. I love my ancestors.


Then onto the temple. I am very partial to the Salt Lake Temple.

It is the most beautiful temple.

My sweetheart and I were married here, almost 29 years ago. It represents years of sacrifice. It was built by the pioneers shortly after they arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. It is a House of God. It is a Holy and Sacred place. I love to be here, and in any other Temple of God.photo 3

Look at the beautiful doors!photo 1Breathtaking!!! Glorious!!!

photo 1After a wonderful temple experience, we went over to the Christus Statue that is on Temple Square.

photo 5On the way home, we stopped to see this little angel. My niece is a brand new Mama, and this is her baby girl. Isn’t she a living doll? Beautiful!photo 2What a great Tuesday!!! It was a beautiful, spiritual, and splendid adventure!!! I hope you had a wonderful day too!

Tuesday Adventure!

ErinAndrewMTCWe visited our niece Erin who entered the MTC today! Isn’t she beautiful? She is going to Finland!

Then we went to the Oquirrh Temple. It is a lovely temple. I love to go to the temple.

It you look close in the picture you can see my darlin. He must have been playing “Where’s Waldo” or something. Funny! photo 1

We went to lunch and ate some yummy Mexican food. Mmmmm!

Then we went to the thrift store. It is a fun place to find a deal and maybe even a treasure!DeseretIndustries

Next we came home and my darlin helped me sew for the new baby coming in a few weeks.

Of course the best part about my Tuesday Adventure was being with my darlin!!!