Ten Things Tuesday!

In case this is your first visit to ourjoyfulnest, I need to tell you that we moved almost 2 years ago. Our old home was over 3000 square feet and our new (old, built in 1906) home is 1500 total square feet. This has been a good and needed challenge for us to fit in this cute little home. ┬áSo we came up with “Ten Things Tuesday!”

First it is the cutest little home we’ve ever been blessed to lived in.

When we first moved, we divided all the furniture and things with our kids. We brought to our new (old) home way too much in the beginning. It worked out though, because we needed to go through the things and decide what we really needed or wanted.

This process has taken time.

We’re about there, as far as fitting in our home goes, but you know how things come in on a constant basis? We’re bringing home new purchases, or celebrating Christmas or whatever. It starts to get thick around here with things.

So the way we alleviate the problem of getting too much stuff is a weekly purge. We call it “Ten Things Tuesday.” We have a spot located near the back door that we collect the things that need to be donated. If we are consistently donating items to the DI (Deseret Industries) then the likelihood of having too many things that fill up the house goes down.

We donate “Ten Things” every “Tuesday!”

It is a great way to stay on top of the clutter and mess that builds up in our lives.