Totally “Fort Worth” It!

Our little greenie!
Hermana Kelsey 15:2 -email-
Dear family,
This week has flown by! Time just seems to go by faster and faster every transfer. This week is board week for President S., and it’s the time that transfers are decided. I’m kind of nervous. We heard that there are two new spanish sisters coming in, and only one is going home, which means that because our number is already uneven, there will have to be another area opened somewhere for spanish sisters. So someone will be whitewashing into an area. :{ Who knows what is going to happen next transfer. I think that I am getting transferred though. 🙁
Anyway, just a couple things that happened this week.
Monday: I took my cans that I have collected to a totally sketch recycling place, and got $3.50. Pretty great right? Ha ha. It was not worth my time, but now I know not to go back to that place. And I was $3.50 richer. Sweet! We also ate dinner with a less active family. They asked us to sing a specific hymn for the “spiritual thought”, and when we started singing, the hermana just started crying. She was so touched because that is one of her favorite hymns. I love that hymns can bring the spririt so freely, most the time even more than words.
Wednesday: We had a great lesson with A. She is the one that her “husband” and her are getting married on the 5th of May. We didn’t end up teaching him, just her. She has been taking the lessons for about a year, so she basically knows all the doctrine that we teach to people in the main lessons we teach. So we just let her ask us questions. She is so amazing. She would ask us something, and then just listen and soak it up like a sponge. She’s just awesome! She wants to get baptized so bad, and the only reason she hasn’t before now is because she isn’t married, but she soon will be. 🙂 We are excited for this Saturday. 😀
Thursday: I turned 1 year old in Texas!! 1 year ago on this day, I was talking to you from the airport, and then I was on an airplane flying into the great state of Texas. Wow! It has gone by quick. Also…drum roll…we FINALLY found J.! Woo!! He told us that the reason he was avoiding us was because all of these problems he was having, and he didn’t want us to get involved with it. But we talked to him outside of his apartment, and he told us he still wants to learn, and we asked him if we could come by later in the evening to visit him. He said yes, so we stopped by later and taught him. He’s still not exactly 100% back, but we’re going to work on him.
Friday: We had a specialized training meeting with President S. Everyone in the mission that has 6 months or less left was invited to go, so I saw a lot of other cool people who I have served with in the past, but haven’t seen for a while. It was so good. We had Elder Roberts of the Seventy there and he taught us about a lot of cool stuff, and President S. shared a very personal story with us. As he was sharing it, he started to tear up. It was so crazy, because if you know President S. at all, you know that he doesn’t cry. He also told us we are the “cream of the crop”, and that we are here to be examples to the younger missionaries. They see us as the older, more experienced missionaries, so we need to show them how things are supposed to be done. It’s weird being here, when I feel like just yesterday, I was the greenie, and everyone else was showing me how to do things.
Sunday: We had stake conference, and J. and A. came. It was a good stake conference. They talked a lot about trusting in the Lord, and dealing with trials. That seems to be a pretty common subject in recent times. I guess people everywhere are going through tough times.
Mom: I’m glad you went to visit Reese’s. I was thinking about them, and praying for them since you wrote me. I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be to lose a child. We met a brother the other day, and he lost his daughter two years ago. She had down syndrome, and she also them got leukemia. After she went through radiation and the cancer was gone, she went home. About a week later she got an infection. Because her defenses were down, she ended up dying from the infection. It was sad. He started crying when he talked about her still. The problem that he has had is that he has pulled away from God, and the gospel. Something that I have been learning lately is that we need to hold onto the Lord when hard times come. Otherwise, it is us against the world, instead of us and the Lord against the world. Everything is easier if you have the Lord to comfort you and bring you peace in times of trouble.
That is also cool you went to women’s conference. Was there any good talks that I should know about, or that I should read later? 🙂
Dad: I’m glad you have been getting some appointments in. How does that work? Do you just go by and talk to them? That’s cool you have been visiting with Mike and Jamie. How are their kids doing? Is Jessica enjoying married life? Ha ha. That is really weird, I’m not gonna lie. Ha ha. Anyway, that’s awesome that you were playing hand and foot. Sometimes of p-day we play card games. Usually we play like scum though, because there are a lot of us. Anyway, I gotta go now.
Emmy: Hey seest! (note to self: do not shorten seester! 😉 ha ha ha) Wow! You are doing awesome! That is so cool that you are doing such great things with your life. Have you decided to go to more college, or are you just going to work after you graduate from high school? What is is exactly that you want to do for work? You are such a nerd taking Harry Potter to people’s doors. It’s funny that you told me about that because, Sister V. was just asking about random things that we have done. I told her about the time you and I went to Costco to get Riley, and we had a dance party in the parking lot. That was the most random thing I have done that I could think of at the time. Ha ha. Good times! 🙂
Well, anyways, I am out of time. I love you all a lot!!!! Be good. See you soon. 🙂
Love, Kelsey

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 22:4 -email-
sorry for that last email but its ok i’ll answer all of your questions this time. so this week has been a very tough week. WE GOT BUNKED!!! so may times this week it was tough we had tons of appointments but no one was at home. but i’m liking my new comp hes super cool and we are doing lots of work.
1 Are you writing everyday in your journal?, i’m not mom i’m sorry its really hard.
2 Companion? Something about them?
2.he plays rugby and he is from the some island john groberg(the other side of heaven guy) served his mission.
3 Investigators? Something about them?
3.investigsators are pretty good but they have a hard time coming to church. but they are coming along.
4 Favorite scripture this week?
4.revelations: 19:7 very interesting verse take a look. let me know what you think.
5 Most unique thing you’ve done this week?
5.well we went to a wedding on saturday and don’t worry we got permission from the big man.
Special question:
6 How do you overcome sadness and despair?

6.well simple look on the wall in my old bedroom. “we attain joy by choosing it over and over again… always, right now.

i’m glad all is going well love you mom
Love Elder Flexy

sweet sounds like your doing well i’m glad your staying busy you’ve always worked so hard i was talking to this indian family about scouts and i wont lie i miss that stuff sooooo much can’t wait to do it again. love you
Love Elder Flexy
“uya hlupa wena” zulu for “your misbehaving.” well i’m glad your getting close to graduation the day i graduated was one of the best days of my life. the ultimate “hew!!” moment but good luck keep working hard you can do it. love you
Love Elder Flexy

3 Years!

That’s a pretty long time. Three years ago today, I started my blog. I have had so much fun! I’m hoping you have enjoyed my blog too!

I have written 125 “Family History” posts, 12 posts about my “Heroes”, 46 posts about my wonderful children, 29 posts about my sweet “Grandbaby”, hopefully I’ve made you laugh at the “Funny Things” I’ve written. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the notes and letters from “Elder Flexy” and “Hermana Kelsey” my two darling missionaries. I’ve talked about my “Loves”, and my “Life”, and the “Lesson’s” I’ve learned. I’ve had so much fun sharing the “Two Cents” from my little daycare kids, T and G. I have shared some of my favorite wonderful quotes and scriptures on my “Sunday Best”. Not to mention the “Bumper Stickers”, “Beautiful Places”, “Favorite TV/Movie Quotes”, etc.

Someday, I think my children will be so glad I’ve written these things down. It is a personal history of sorts. A testimony of my beliefs and loves, my gift to whoever will read it.

Happy Blogiversary to ourjoyfulnest!

Family History Friday: Adelaide Dye White

Adelaide Dye White was my Great-Grandma. She was just a tiny little lady, about 5 feet tall, and only about 98 pounds when she married. I never knew her, because she died two years before I was born. I shared a story about her husband, Charles Elmer White a couple of weeks ago for FHF.

This is what my Mom said about her Grandma,

“When I think of Gramma, I remember her just the way a gramma was supposed to look: small, a little round, gray haired, glasses, and always an apron. She wore flowered house dresses and an apron (many of which she made), hose and laced up shoes.

   When she worked in her garden she wore a large straw hat, that when not worn, hung on a nail on the back screened porch. If she didn’t have her hat on she would shade her eyes with her arm. She spent a lot of time in her garden. She knew how important the harvest was to her family’s well-being, and bottled everything. She even bottled chickens and some beef. She didn’t seem to really enjoy the animals, but was grateful for what they provided.

I remember our trips to Idaho. We always looked forward to them and could hardly wait  once we saw the trees of Firth, and then we crossed over the canal to Basalt. Once we rounded the corner we would see family coming out the front door to greet us. Gramma would have already made plans for special country dinner. Her house smelled of home-made bread or she would be making rolls.

We enjoyed the results of her hard work as she allowed us to go to the garden a salt shaker and a knife for tomatoes , cucumbers, radishes, etc. Who could ever forget corn-on-the-cob, new potatoes and peas, chicken and home-made noodles, ice cream and chocolate cake. Pickles, relishes, and pickled beets, fresh cream on raspberries or Wheaties and biscuits and home-churned butter, with jam or jelly.

We always sat around the kitchen table; an oilcloth table clothe, and a crystal spoon bowl. Her kitchen was large for the size of her home and a refrigerator. A wood burning stove that she had mastered to perfection, a few cupboards and in the early days a large milk can of water from the well up the hill, and a tin cup for dipping. Dishes were done in a dish pan and when she was done she would go to the door and toss the water out into the yard.”

I am so glad my Mom put down on paper her memories of Great-Grandma Adelaide. I can almost picture her in my mind doing those things. And what an amazing women to bake and cook on a wood burning stove. You can’t just set the temperature, can you? You would have to practice a lot to know how to use it. And getting water from a well? Instead of having the convenience of turning a faucet. I wish I had been able to meet her. I know I will some day. When I do, I am going to tell her, “Thanks Grandma Adelaide, for being such an inspiration to me. I love you.”

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Two Cents: Forts!

P and M in the fort I made for them.


I have decided to add some quotes from my daycare children to the “Two Cents by T and G” and call the posts “Two Cents”. The kids are always telling me funny things, giving me their “Two Cents” about life and things.

I love being around children.

I have had people tell me, “I don’t know how you do it?” speaking of daycare.

But I honestly love it.

One of my favorite things about it is knowing that you are loved completely. In fact they tell me all day long, “Joy, I love you!” and of course I tell them, “I love you, too!”

One thing that’s not my favorite is the poop, which I don’t have to deal with much, but still. One day I was telling my friends how much I love doing daycare, except for the poop. And my friend Lilli said, “There’s poop in every job.” Wow, that was profound. Seriously, I have never had a job that didn’t have poop (things you don’t like), so now I rarely think about the poop.

I just concentrate on the “I love you’s”.

Totally “Fort Worth” It!

Hermana Kelsey 15:1-email-
Dear family,
Things are good here.
Mom: First off, thank you so much for the package! It was awesome! I especially love that cd that has spanish hymns on it. It was great. 🙂
I wish I had prepared more as well, for the mission. I do not feel like I was as ready as I could have been when I came out on the mission, and I wish I could have spent more time preparing myself mentally and spiritually for what was going to be coming on the mission. But I think that is something that every missionary feels, no matter how much they prepare before. It is always an adjustment, and you will always see how much you really do have to work and improve on. You see your imperfections with perfect clarity, and it really is hard sometimes. But it is also so amazing.
1 Are you writing everyday in your journal?
1. I can’t lie…I have not written in my journal everyday. But something that I have been doing is writing down mini journal entries in my planner each day after we get done with planning, so I remember the most important things.
2 Companion? Something about them?
2. Sister V. is from Peru. She lived there for 3 years, and then they moved to the U.S. She is the only completely active member in her immediate family. She is amazing. 🙂
3 Investigators? Something about them?
3. We are struggling keeping investigators lately. So we don’t really have an except A. and L. They are getting married on the 5th of May, and then baptized on the 12th. A. is so awesome! She has wanted to get baptized for so long, but because she wasn’t married she couldn’t. She is such a strong woman, and yet so sweet and loving and kind. And her kids are adorable.
4 Favorite scripture this week?
4. See question 6
5 Most unique thing you’ve done this week? 
5. Sister V. saved a life this week. A little girl was walking down the stairs towards us and Sister V. caught her as she was falling.
Special question:
6 How do you overcome sadness and despair?

6. It’s funny that you asked your special question about dealing with sadness and despair, because Sister V. and I have been struggling with that a little bit lately. We have been going through a kind of “mourning phase” since we lost one of our golden investigators, J. We don’t know what happened to him, but he has been avoiding us for the last 3 weeks. We really don’t know why. We have talked to him a couple times on the phone, and a couple times in the street, but he is so different now from the person we met several weeks ago. We have been so sad, and down on ourselves, and it’s like we don’t know where to go or what to do. Let’s just say it “really threw us for a loop”. But something that has helped me a lot is knowing that the Lord is in charge. He cares for all of his children, and even though they make choices he may not agree with, he still will prepare another opportunity for them to learn, and to grow. I have also taken comfort in the scriptures. This morning I read Alma 28, and it was perfect for me. It talks about a huge battle that takes place and lots of people die. The people that are still living, that lost loved ones, are mourning their losses. In verse 6 it talks about how they were sorrowful, and it was a solemn day, but it was also a time of fasting and prayer. They turned to the Lord in their time of need. Then in verse 8, it talks about the experiences of Ammon and his brethren (who were missionaries at this time, serving in that place) and how they had sufferings, sorrows, and afflictions, and yet they also had “incomprehensible joy”. Even though they had hard times, being a missionary brings them the most joy out of anything. That is something that I have definitely seen in my time as a missionary. Then there was a verse I really loved in Alma 29, verse 13. It says, “…And that same God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto this people, and hath given me much success, in the which my joy is full.” I then started to read through the list of people I have seen baptized. I have watched people come closer to Christ, and seen them make covenants with Him, and that is enough to bring me joy at this time. Life as a missionary is hard. People let you down, people break your heart, people reject you. But there are people out there who are earnestly searching for the gospel, and when you meet them, and help them make changes in their life for the better, it is indescribable the way you feel. (“My cup runneth over” as the grandma says in Hope Floats) So it is not completely okay that J. wants nothing to do with us, but I feel blessed to have had the experiences I do, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Well, I think that is all. I was very longwinded today. Sorry. Well, not really sorry, because I know you love to hear stuff, but now I am out of time. I love you so much!
Dad: That is awesome you are still getting work done. I am so glad I have a dad that is such a great hard worker. I have seen a lot of men on my mission that work really hard to support their families, and I have seen a lot of men that don’t do near enough, and it makes me glad that I have the dad I have. 🙂 Ha ha. That sounds like fun riding the dirt bike up on some dirt. I want to do that! I have gotten Sister V. really into motorcycles lately. It’s funy, because before she didn’t notice them at all, but now she lookd for them, and when she gets home from the mission she wants to buy one. Ha ha. 🙂 Anyway, I have to go. Sorry. 🙁
Emily: Hey sorry this is going to be super short, but I’m glad you had a great b-day….Congratulations on finishing clinicals…..Send me a picture from your senior pictures…I miss being a kid…I think that is all…
I love you all SOOOO much! Have a great week.
Love, Kelsey

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 22:3 -email-
this week has been great we worked hard my ne comps name is Elder T. he is a stud totally cool dude he is from a small island near tonga hes super funny but ya my time is running sorry. love you

man my dads a lumber jack!!!

happy birthday and yes tanner is a stud and i aprove of you spending time with him. hahahahahaha.

Love Elder Flexy

Family History Friday: Journals Are Amazing!

I wish I had always been good at writing in my journal. It seems that when I am struggling the most in my life, that’s when I don’t write very much. It’s usually a good time to write in a journal. One reason is that others can see how, or in what way things were hard, and how you worked, or made it through the struggle. Of course, some things we go through in life are much harder than others. And some people go through unbelievable difficulties and hardship, even life or death experiences. If you had an ancestor who went through something so difficult in their life that it changed them forever, that it changed the whole world forever, wouldn’t it be amazing if they wrote it down. I think so.

Here is neat thing I found at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website, at the Curator’s Corner. This video will tell you about it.

How wonderful and amazing that these people wrote their experience down. Now we all can hear about it. Journals really are amazing!

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

“Bonus Baby” is an Adult!

I can’t believe it.

My sweet little “Bonus Baby” was born 18 years ago today.

Tonight I have been watching the video from when she was born. How fun! I haven’t seen it in a while. Now she is graduating from high school. Time flies!

Happy Birthday to my baby, Emily!

I love you so much, and I am so happy to be your Mama!