My friend Melissa is a hero! She is so noble. She is the kind of gal who would do anything for you. She was able to donate a kidney to one of our other friends who had sick kidneys and needed his removed. When our friend was getting sick the family got the word out that they needed a donor. Many people tried to be a donor. There are lots of things that need to be just right to be a donor. After many people went through the process they found a match, and it was Melissa! She would be the donor! She would save a dad, a brother, a son, a husband. Because of her another life is saved! 

I knew that I would not be able to donate a kidney. I’m old and I am not in good enough health. But I still wanted to do something. I wanted to make a contribution. So I made Melissa an arrangement. She loved it! I had a nice visit with her and she is doing great.

What a wonderful woman.
What a wonderful hero!

It’s a Landmark!

My cute daddy used to be a bricklayer in his younger years. He was also a genius at doing rock work. In the yard of the homes I grew up in, there were always rock walls, pathways, and fire pits. My dad is amazing!

I always wanted to have some of this rock work around the home I now live in with my sweetheart, so we have been looking for something we could do.

One thing I wanted was to get a new mailbox. The one that came with our home was not very nice looking.So we decided that was it! The project would be our mailbox!

Well, daddy is 83 years old. We can’t ask him to do this for us. We can’t even ask him to help, really, but we can ask him to supervise! So we picked a day and had him come over to supervise and help us start the rock mailbox project!

He put my little darlin to work, digging, mixing cement and preparing the sight for rocks. Next step is deciding which rocks to start with. Here is the mailbox about 1/3 of the way done. We had to leave the old mailbox on till we got to the spot where the new mailbox was going to be so the mailman would have a place to put our mail. We also decided to keep the post the same since it was in place and very secure. We have been working on it for over a month. We mix up a bag of mortar and work at it till the mortar is gone, wait a day or two, until we have time to do it again. Slow and steady! Looking good!Almost done!

We’ll finish in a day or so, but I love it! And now when I look at our mailbox I’ll think of daddy, and his awesome talent, and always be so glad to have a reminder of him at our home. It is a landmark, our landmark. It represents, gifts from God, love of family, building things, and beauty.

My Mama’s Hands!


Today is my birthday!

I don’t really need to talk about me today.

It’s just another year, and I’m getting old. 

What I want to do is talk about this amazing woman that I met 55 years ago!

She is my Mama!  

I love her so much. Her life has always been something to admire. She is a wonderful person, and has blessed my life everyday. 

These are my mama’s hands. Imagine the work they have done, the meals they have prepared, the bandaging of ouches, the writing of talks and lessons, the holding, the all around blessing of others that they have done for 84+ years!

I love her hands!!! I love all of her!!! 

Thank you Mama, for bringing me into this world. Thank you for loving this accident prone-barefoot little girl, for trips to the hospital for stitches, for putting up with me telling on “mean” brothers, and sharing a hug to make it all better. Thank you for hours of listening at the foot of my bed, while I work through the current challenge in my life.

You are my hero! You have blessed so many, but today I’m especially grateful that you have blessed me! 

I love you Mama!

Heroes: Elizabeth Smart!

Today I watched this amazing video of Elizabeth Smart telling the story of her kidnapping.

She is so amazing!

Her example is inspirational. She has been able to rise above her horrific trauma and bless us all with her wisdom. She reminds us that we can choose what how we will react to life and the hard challenges that we face. I

She is one of my heroes!



Camilla Kimball

Camilla Kimball was President Spencer W. Kimball’s wife. She was an amazing woman and one of my heroes. While she was alive she was always learning. She took classes to increase learning every year of her married life. She read lots of books. She loved reading. Did she know all the answers?


Did she let her desire to know and learn make her frustrated when she didn’t know all the answers?


This is what an article said about her:

Because of her family’s hospitality toward searching and studying, Sister Kimball says, “I’ve always had an inquiring mind. I’m not satisfied just to accept things. I like to follow through and study things out. I learned early to put aside those gospel questions that I couldn’t answer. I had a shelf of things I didn’t understand, but as I’ve grown older and studied and prayed and thought about each problem, one by one I’ve been able to better understand them.”

She twinkles, “I still have some questions on that shelf, but I’ve come to understand so many other things in my life that I’m willing to bide my time for the rest of the answers.”-Source

My favorite thing about Camilla was that she was “Ok” with waiting for the answers to come at the right time. I am “Ok” with this, too!!!

I’m so thankful to Sister Kimball for her example of being a constant student all of her life.

Memorial Day!



I have so much love and gratitude for those men and women who have fought to protect our freedom.

It is amazing to me.

I have never been asked to be involved in a war, or to help fight in a conflict. I cannot imagine what that would be like, how they could be so brave.

I feel so blessed to live in a country where people who are brave like that have lived and died so that we can live our lives the way we would like to.

So many people, so much sacrifice.

All of those who lived before us and made so many contributions to the wonderful world we are blessed to live in…I am grateful to them, and for them.

Happy Memorial Day!

On Pioneers and Pilgrims!


On this beautiful Pioneer Day I would like to share a post written by my Dad.

Here you go!


On Pioneers and Pilgrims

“Of logs we built our houses, of shakes we made the doors, of sod we
made the chimneys, dirt we had for floors.” Joel William White wrote
that in his journal. He was my wife’s 2nd great grandfather and one of
the early pioneers. Another one stated that; “We swept our dirt floors
with a sage brush and when we were done we threw it in the fireplace
to heat our home.”

On the 24th of July, we will again be celebrating ‘Pioneer Days’ with
a parade, rodeo and fireworks; it is primarily a Utah holiday and
rightly so. That is the day, in 1847, that our first Utah pioneer
forefathers drove their covered wagons down into the Salt Lake Valley
after a thousand mile trek across the dusty plains. They had been
driven out of their homes in Illinois because of religious
persecution. They came here looking for peace and safety from the
intolerance of the, so-called, civilized areas of our then young
nation. A nation that had recently instituted a constitution that
guaranteed religious freedom.

Each year on this celebration day, do our minds ever leave the
parade, the rodeo and the fireworks long enough to contemplate what
those early pioneers went through to get here? Do we try to
understand, on that day, the 24th, the many things they had to do in
August, September and October in order to survive their first year.
They had to plant crops late in the summer so they would have food to
eat through the coming winter or they would actually starve to death?
For them, it wasn’t a matter of, well, if the corn doesn’t mature
we’ll have to run down to Albertsons and buy some. Theirs was a matter
of, if the corn doesn’t mature we won’t have any. It was a very
difficult life for them; unlike us, they had very few choices in terms
of what they could do. And when you don’t have choices, what you have
to do must be done with energy, hope and a prayer in your heart that
it will be a successful effort. One interesting way of trying to put
ourselves back then was stated by an unknown author this way; “If we
were put back in that time we would not be ourselves.” We would be put
into an entirely different dimension, a dimension not unlike the
popular TV series of several years ago, called the ‘Twilight zone’.

Some of the first settlers made a pilgrimage to this country from
Europe where they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. They,
too, struggled to prepare for their first Winter and many did not make
it. They were referred to as Pilgrims. The early Latter Day
Saints,also made a pilgrimage to the Salt Lake Valley and for the same
reason, religious persecution. They, too, arrived at an awkward time
of year and they, too, could be referred to as pilgrims.

When I was a young person, I read, “Pilgrim’s Progress”, a story about
Christian, a young man who supposedly was representing all Christians.
While venturing through life he ran into one moral obstacle after
another, each having to be overcome, before he could move on toward
his goal of eternal life. From that perspective we are all pilgrims
with the same challenges.

Those of us who have embarked on a search for our ancestral families,
are also pilgrims. We are often required to seek information from
distant lands. Like a quest, seeking old records, from  places, and
languages that we may have had no previous experience with. Searching
here and there for clues that will lead us to a name, a place, a time,
with the hopes that to find one ancestor we will be lead to another.
Do we not wander through time and to new places, even cyberspace. We
are truly pilgrims. We, too, are on a sacred quest with a prayer in
our hearts that we might weather the storms of failure until we find
success. -Emil

13 Things I’ve Learned From Posting 1000 Posts!!!!!!!!!

I have reached a milestone!!! Today I’m posting my

1000th post!

Here are 13 things I’ve learned from posting 1000 posts!!!!!

1-It’s ok to be yourself. 

I have learned that even though I’m not perfect, I am lovable.


2-It’s a great way to tell your story. 

I love to read over my stories and relive my experiences.

3-I love to talk about my family, and their history.

I have wonderful children! My grand baby is adorable! My ancestors are the bomb! We are all basically pretty great people!!!


4-It’s actually very fun to have a blog.

It’s a happy, fun, exciting place to share my life!

5-I have lots of heroes, friends, and memories.

My heroes are the good examples in my life. I try to emulate their lives. My friends are golden and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, my memory may go, but I’ll still have my blog.

6-Funny things happen in life.

Laughter really is the best medicine. I wrote a post once about laughing at inappropriate times, and yes I have been known to do that. I just innocently try to live my life and funny stuff just happens. I start to giggle and it’s all over. Next thing you know I have a stomach cramp, and tears are streaming down my face. I am thankful that I laugh easily. Life is too short to not laugh hysterically when the opportunity presents it’s self.

7-There are some wonderful movies and TV shows out there.

Dory: “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….what do we do we swim, swim!”

I need that reminder a lot.

8-Sometimes I don’t Have anything to say, believe it or not. And that’s ok.

I have been amazed at the lack of things to say, or when I can’t think of anything to post. I never thought I’d see the day. I am very social, I can talk to anyone, but I do like to be by myself and just sit still and read or relax sometimes.

9-Life is busy!

Life is busier than ever before. We’re all busy. It makes living adventurous! Sometimes finding time to do a blog post is very difficult, but I’m always glad when I do.

10-I really love Sunday’s the Best!


Peaceful, inspirational, and spiritual! Spending the day thinking about God and His precious gifts, and looking for ways to bless others lives!

11-The world is full of Beautiful Places!


Always focus on the beauty in this world. We are so blessed by Father above to live in such a beautiful place. Look for the beauty!

12-I have learned lot’s of lesson’s. 

I’m so glad I’ve written them down. I love to learn and I’m glad that challenges are not wasted by having to repeat difficult times. I so appreciate the lessons!

13-It takes a long time to write 1000 posts. 

Who knew it would take almost 5 years of blogging to reach 1000 posts, but I did it!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!


An amazing hero of mine is Stephanie Neilson.

Watch the video the hear her story. She is an inspiration. She is an example that you can experience a most terrible tragedy and survive. She not only survives, but she has triumphed! She shares her feelings, struggles, life, and family with the world on her blog. You can read it here!

I am so thankful to have NieNie as a Hero!