What’s your speed limit?

I came across this speed limit sign the other day and had to get a picture of it. I love it when I see something like this. It’s not the usual and it makes me laugh and think a little bit.

Do we try to put ourselves into categories of speed limits like

the roads we travel

in our lives.

-10 mph parking lot

-20 mph school zone

-25 mph residential

-there are even 85 mph interstate highways.

Are you going the interstate speed in your life, driving fast like a crazy person, when you’re really in a residential area? Trying to go fast and get somewhere quick, only stopping for gas, food and potty breaks. If you go fast and you’re not prepared for the trip, with the car in good working order-and yourself rested and alert, you could crash. Are we prepared for all the roads we travel? It would be a much more serious crash going 85 mph than going 25 mph.

Maybe your in a school zone, with young children and going faster that you should. I have personally never felt like I was only going 20 mph in my life. I always felt like I was going faster than I should, especially while all my kids were in school.

Maybe we all have our own personal speed at which we do our best. When I saw this sign I thought 17 mph sounds nice….not too fast not too slow, and definitely unique. I think I’m going to choose my own speed (not literally, of course). Just how fast should I go in life? It will depend on the place I’m traveling through. I will only go as fast as it is safe and enjoyable to go on the roads of my life. The older I get the slower I want to go. I really want to enjoy the ride and the scenery along the way, and spend time visiting with those I’m riding through life with. My mission president used to say, “enjoy the ride”, speaking of life and our journey here. Let’s all “enjoy the ride!” a little more than we have been. I think we all need to choose our speed wisely.

Family History Friday (FHF): Who were you named after?

Cornwall, England
A lot of couples, when having a baby, want to pay tribute to or honor a loved one by naming their child after them. It is common all over the world. One interesting example of this is in England and Wales from around 1700-1875. The people used what is called a naming pattern. This is how it went:

The first son was named

after the father’s father,
the second son was named
after the mother’s father,
the third son was named
after the father,
the fourth son was named
after the father’s eldest brother,
the first daughter was named
after the mother’s mother,
the second daughter was named
after the father’s mother,
the third daughter was named
after the mother,
the fourth daughter was named
after the mother’s eldest sister.

This was not the always the case, however, it is a help if your ancestors used it. Some people would say, that is very confusing, especially if one or two or even more of the children died in their infancy. If this happened, it was common for the parents to name the next child the same name. Why? Because they would want the name to continue on. It was a living tribute to their loved ones. For example, there could be two or three little boys named William in the same family, which may mean that the first ones died and the last one lived to adulthood or at least until the family was through having children. I have been able to find information about my family thanks to this naming pattern. Samson and Charity’s oldest daughter was named Harriet and their second oldest son was name Henry. Guess what? That meant that when I looked for information concerning their family I would look for Charity’s mother and father’s names to be Henry and Harriet, and they were. I’m glad there are tools like this to help us find our ancestors.
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

23 years ago

23 years ago,

I became a mother. Happy Birthday Riley! I remember holding you when you were brand new, tears streaming down my face, wondering how it was possible to love so much. Overwhelmed at the thought of being a mom, and thinking about all the new responsibilities I would now have. It has been challenging and rewarding. I love you and I’m glad I am blessed to be your mom!
In another week it will be 2 years since I became a grandma! Being a grandma is the best, and most wonderful reward for being the mom to her dad. I love you Natasha!

Family History Friday (FHF): Heritage

“In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage. To know who we are and where we’ve come from.” -Alex Haley

Of course, many people know Alex Haley as the one who wrote the book “Roots”. It became a television series that I watched as young child. What a powerful story. You and I can see why Alex felt so much love for his ancestors. They went through so much in their lives. I also have a love for my ancestors. In fact, as I learn more about my ancestors, I can see part of them in me. I really wonder, is it because the trait I see in me is in the DNA, or just a coincidence? Really, they were so much more than I am. I think of my Great Great Grandma, Charity James, who had 16 children. Five of them died before she came to America, but the other ten she brought with her. The year before she came, her husband Samson had come to find work and a place for them to live. She brought the children All by herself! What a woman!! I feel so overwhelmed with 4 kids, and I can’t imagine leaving my home and land of my birth for good, knowing I’ll never be back. I might not see some of my family ever again. Wow, I love her so much for coming to this beautiful land of America! Because of her, and others like her, my life is better. Hopefully, those who come after me will be able to see ways that I made life better for them. Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Bloom where you’re planted!

I often think of a time in my early 20’s when I was serving as a missionary in San Antonio, Texas. Like most volunteer situations, we were usually assigned where we would be serving. Needless to say, the area we ended up serving at any particular time would not necessarily be where WE would choose. The President of our mission used to say a quote that to this day is one of my favorites. Bloom where you’re planted! which to me meant grow and do the best you can -no matter what situation life finds you in. We don’t always enjoy any or all experiences while we’re going through them, but even the hardest experiences make us better than we would be without them. Sometimes the Master prunes us back and moves us to new soil, in a place He knows we might struggle, but He also knows we need to grow in. He knows us and has a plan for us, what He wants us to become. If we can learn to Bloom!, He will help us.
“If ye contuinue in the faith grounded and settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel.” -Colossians 1:23

Family History Friday (FHF): Start With You!

Sometimes when we start a hobby or project, the first question is where do I start? The answer to this fun past time is…start with you. That’s easy, who knows you better than you. Start by writing a history of yourself. You can do a brief timeline of your life from birth to where you are now. For example, make a list of homes you lived in, or towns and cities you’ve lived in. It could even be schools you attended. Maybe list when siblings were born, and your memories of that. After you have your timeline, start filling in the unwritten history in between; fill in the blanks. You will be amazed how thinking about places you’ve lived, and memories of school or family will jog your memory and cause you to think about your feelings and your story. No one else can tell your story. Only you! Others may be able to tell the things that happened in your life, from their point of view, but you are the only one who can tell how you felt about your life experiences. Make a goal to write a page a week/month. Put the names of your family on a “Family group sheet”. Make a pedigree chart with you as #1 and fill in as many family members as you know. Put all important dates that you know on your chart. Then you will know what you need to do next, and what information is missing. It has been said-
You live as long as you are remembered.–Russian Proverb
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy