Diet Dr. Pepper!

At my favorite convenience store a sign went up, “Drive through OPEN 24 hours!” I was thinking, “How nice of them to consider that I may need a drink in the middle of the night, now I know why they’re my favorite.” I felt a sense of comfort in the back of my mind.

On my late night drive to pick up Flexy from work, I was excited knowing that after picking him up I could make my way to the drive through.  I pulled up and there were no lights on. What!?! The nerve! I saw someone inside, so I motioned for them to come to the window. I said, “You’re not open? I thought you were open 24 hours?” She told us that they didn’t have enough business to stay open all night, apparently I’m the only one that was excited about the new hours. So I pulled away and went to another convenience store.

The next day, I went in the store to get my refill. The manager was at the front of the store. I said, “I’m very disgruntled that your drive through was closed last night when I came!” (I was disgruntled in a none threatening way) He said, “We have Dr. Phil on speed dial, if you want to talk to him.” I said, “No.” He said, “How about Dr. Drew?” I said, “No thanks, I’m gonna go back here (I pointed to the back where the fountain drinks were) and have a chat with Dr. Pepper! I know I’ll feel better then!” Everyone listening laughed and I got my drink. “It’s just what the Dr. ordered.” Right?

The Fisher Price Nativity

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is the

Fisher Price Nativity.

I love to watch the daycare kids play with it. They have so much fun with it, and love it. The other day as they were playing with it. They were having a ball putting the different characters in different locations. They pulled all of the other Fisher Price toys out. Within minutes the kids were putting all of the characters together on all of the different Fisher Price toys.

My very favorite thing was when they put Baby Jesus on the roller coaster and on the Ferris Wheel to go for a ride. How darling! They would say, “Let’s let Baby Jesus go for a ride!” They had so much fun with the Nativity. I’ll put it away now till next year. They will enjoy it more if I don’t have it out all year.

I’m glad that Fisher Price made a Nativity that children can handle and play with. They usually don’t get to handle and play with a Nativity. I love it!

Sunday Best!

“The celebration of Christmas helps us keep our promise to always remember Him and His gifts to us. And that remembrance creates a desire in us to give gifts to Him. He has told us what we could give Him to bring Him joy. First, we can, out of faith in Him, give a broken heart and a contrite spirit. We can repent and make sacred covenants with Him. . . . Second, you can give Him the gift of doing for others what He would do for them.”

-Henry B. Eyring

Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

Our Favorite Christmas Movies!

Who doesn’t love a great Christmas movie! Here is a list of our favorites:


  • The Polar Express
  • Elf
  • Grinch
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)
  • What About Bob


For years we would read the Christmas story from the scriptures, then watch “It’s A Wonderful Life.” (I’ve told this story before on here, but I have to share it again.) One year we could not find the movie. We searched and found the case for the movie, but no movie was found. Then one of the kids said, “Let’s watch, ‘What About Bob’!” It’s a movie about a guy who thinks he needs a psychiatrist and has all of these issues. He becomes very attached to his shrink and follows him to his vacation home. The plot takes a turn near the end of the movie, and it’s quite funny to see how things turn out. It’s doesn’t have any ties to Christmas, but it is now our traditional Christmas Eve movie. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It’s silly and funny, and you don’t have to try hard to follow what’s going on.

Sunday Best!

“We will be in this world only a short time. The youngest and strongest of us are simply preparing for the other life, and before we get into the glory of our Father and enjoy the blessings that we hope to receive through faithfulness, we will have to live the laws of patience, and exercise forgiveness toward those who trespass against us, and remove from our hearts all feelings of hatred toward them.” -George Albert Smith
Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

Sunday Best!

“Remember, honey contains all of the substances necessary to sustain mortal life. And the doctrine and gospel of Christ is the only way to obtain eternal life. Only when our testimony transcends what is in our mind and burrows deep into our heart will our motivation to love and to serve become like unto the Savior’s. It is then, and only then, that we become deeply converted disciples of Christ empowered by the Spirit to reach the hearts of our fellowmen.

When our hearts are no longer set upon the things of this world, we will no longer aspire to the honors of men or seek only to gratify our pride (see D&C 121:35–37). “

-M. Russell Ballard

Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy