It’s a cherub!!

My latest thrift store find! I absolutely LOVE it. I have always wanted a cherub, but never seem to have the money when I see one. Someone, thankfully was done with this little angel and sent it on to me!! The thrift store price was just right for me. And just in time to add to my valentine decor!

Family History Friday (FHF): Do what you can.

So it’s Saturday…and I’m just doing my FHF. I’m always pushing myself and you to go, go, go! Not because I want to be annoying, but because I need the motivation. I’m psyching myself and hopefully some of you to do what you can. I know we all live in this hectic world and life happens, but I always want to be doing something every week with family history. I sincerely love my ancesters and want to know them, and want my children to know them. Sometimes you’re pooped. I was pooped yesterday. I am feeling much more energetic today. So my advice to you today is do what you can, but make it a priority. And don’t get frustrated if your not able to do everything you want, all the time. Remember, “slow and steady wins the race”.

I needed a reminder, I thought you might too!

It has been quite stormy and gray here. I’m not very fond of gray.
 I NEED THE SUN!!!!! It seems like this time of year, every year,
I’m wanting spring.
I have to remind myself to choose joy. I know that when we have stormy gray days, it helps us enjoy the sunny days. I do love the seasons, but I start to not love the winter so much at the end of it. So here is a post I wrote about choosing joy:

I grew up with 5 brothers. My parents say that after having the first three boys, it was such a “joy” to get a girl, they named me Joy. Really, I know that they tell me that, because they want me to feel special. That’s just the way they are. They want all of their children to feel special and they always let us know how much we are loved. I used to wonder a lot about the name Joy and always felt a certain amount of pressure to be joyful. Like it was an assignment or calling. Something required, if you were named Joy. I have since changed my view. After struggling through a difficult time in my life years ago, I came upon a concept that I had heard many times in my life, but hadn’t quite grasped it. We all go through tough times, things we don’t want to deal with in life. That is part of the earthly experience. What I learned is this, no one (except God) can stop us from being hurt or from struggling. And we would never choose to have the hard things happen to us. But we can choose how long we continue thinking about the pain or struggle after it is over. We attain Joy by choosing it!!! We are in charge of our happiness. I know it’s sad that it took me this long to realize this. But more importantly for me is, that I know now that my parents named me Joy, because God knew that I would need a reminder through out my life to be happy. I choose joy! And I am grateful that my parents were so inspired to give me such a special name.

Here comes the sun,
I can feel it now!!

Family History Friday (FHF): Research Continuation Form!

 One of the problems with doing research is trying to remember what you were doing last time you did research. You won’t remember! Trust me, you won’t. And if you put it down on a little piece of paper, it will most likely get lost, or you will look at your notes and say to yourself, “I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this.”
One of my favorite forms is called a
Research Continuation Form

At the top of the page, put the Family name and the date.

#1: What was I doing when I stopped?

Example: Looking for marriage for John and Mary James
#2: What was I trying to prove?

Example: That they were married at Cornwall, England 
in July of 1864.

#3: Where will I begin next time?

Example: With film # 211987, page 234, in the Parrish of Crowan.

If you were looking at a film you will write the film #, and the page you were on in the film. If you were researching in a book you will write the title of the book, the number of the book (Dewey Decimal #), and the page you were on in the book. If you were researching on the internet, you would write the web address for the website.
If you keep a form like this for each of your four grandparent’s names, then put the sheet at the front of your research binder, or with the research helps, for each family name. You will never wonder what you were doing when you finished researching ever again. (I hope.)
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Fuzzy Things!

OK, so a cute thing happened at work today. A couple of weeks ago, when this guy came into work I fell in love with his hat. It was beanie, handmade by his wife. It was that really fuzzy chenille type yarn and I had to ask….I had to…I asked him if I could touch it. I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. He turned red then leaned forward for me to touch it. I of course was going crazy, saying, “Ohhhh, that’s nice!”. He then said, “Ya know, there are people who can help you with this.” I just laughed!
So he came in again today, I said, “I bet you’re glad you don’t have your fuzzy hat on, I would have to ask if I can touch it,” and he said, “You should be on a talk show for people who have issues.

You have an illness for fuzzy things. I laughed and laughed! I think that’s a compliment! I love fuzzy things! Warm fuzzies are my favorite though.

My Heroes!

Martin Luther King
 is one of my heroes!
 I admire so much his dream of brotherhood and equality. His desire to have our country be a place where we are “judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character” was so inspiring. What a beautiful speech! You can hear it here! I feel sad that he isn’t here now. I would love to meet him. Here is his last speech. I love how he uses the Bible verses to express himself. He knew, and I know, that God is in charge and that everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to in the end.

Two Cents! by T and G.


I decided I have to share. You know how kids say the darndest things? Well the two little guys we have tended for years have given us a plethora of giggles. I’ll just call them T and G. T is 6 years old, G is 4 years old, and they are so funny and entertaining. We don’t tend them every week anymore, but we still tend them at least once a month and sometimes more. So here goes!!!

G: My vitamin loves me.