30th Anniversary Trip!

We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in August.

We decided since we’ve never done a big trip for our anniversary before, we decided to do it this year.

We had a wonderful time on an Alaskan Cruise!


We flew to Seattle where we got on our cruise ship.

This was our first cruise so we were excited and looking forward to a fun trip!



We went to Ketchikan and saw the lumberjack show and saw Totem Bight State Park. We walked around town. It is so beautiful in Alaska! It rained, but it was still beautiful.





Then we went to Juneau. And we saw Mendenhall Glacier.

Our world is wonderful!


Then there was the Salmon Fish Hatchery. Can I just say Salmon are so interesting. If you don’t know, they swim out to sea after being born way up stream in the mountains. They stay in the ocean for years and then near the end of their life they swim up stream for a long time, back to where they were born. It is a very difficult trip for them. Then they lay their eggs and die. And then the cycle repeats. I’m sure there are some life lesson’s there, but I’m still thinking on it. They are truly amazing.


We saw so much beautiful scenery, mountains, waterfalls, water, ice…gorgeous.



Another glacier.


Panning for gold in Skagway!


We drank water from this beautiful waterfall that came from a glacier. So good!!!



Awesome old cemetery!



It was a wonderful trip! We had a blast spending time together and having a fun adventure!

I recommend it.

We feel very blessed to have such a neat experience.

I love my darlin more than ever, and I’m so grateful for the 30 years we have had together.



Camilla Kimball

Camilla Kimball was President Spencer W. Kimball’s wife. She was an amazing woman and one of my heroes. While she was alive she was always learning. She took classes to increase learning every year of her married life. She read lots of books. She loved reading. Did she know all the answers?


Did she let her desire to know and learn make her frustrated when she didn’t know all the answers?


This is what an article said about her:

Because of her family’s hospitality toward searching and studying, Sister Kimball says, “I’ve always had an inquiring mind. I’m not satisfied just to accept things. I like to follow through and study things out. I learned early to put aside those gospel questions that I couldn’t answer. I had a shelf of things I didn’t understand, but as I’ve grown older and studied and prayed and thought about each problem, one by one I’ve been able to better understand them.”

She twinkles, “I still have some questions on that shelf, but I’ve come to understand so many other things in my life that I’m willing to bide my time for the rest of the answers.”-Source

My favorite thing about Camilla was that she was “Ok” with waiting for the answers to come at the right time. I am “Ok” with this, too!!!

I’m so thankful to Sister Kimball for her example of being a constant student all of her life.