Family History Friday (FHF): Slow and Steady!

Life is busy!
 I’ve been feeling that, more than ever lately!  My son, Alex gave me the best advice years ago! I needed a reminder and thought you might too! For this week’s Family History Friday please read about what my son told me here!
Remember this story when life is overwhelming. I do! Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 4:4 -email-


              This week has been great we have had some powerful lessons after hearing from Elder Holland it has been powerful. we had a missionary return home to our ward due to sickness so he has been coming with us to be a member present. its been great!
1. acually Elder martin is staying for another transfer so either i’m staying in my greeny area for six monthes or next transfer i’m leaving Elder Martin here. but i don’t know whats gonna happen.
2 Have you run into the senior couple Elder and Sister Ward? Their daughter is on the missionary moms email group?
2.i think i have met them but just breifly i haven’t spent much time with the senior couples. i heven’t met him. Swaziland is a six hour drive from where we are so we don’t see them much.
4.Ya Swaziland is kinda coveted but it has its downfalls too. the missionary work goes great there because the people are humble… but the power co. has to be paid with our alotment so you have to budget like crazy there which is something we don’t do well. i haven’t heard about the nativties but i’ll check them out if i’m sent there.
6 I am going to send your Christmas box this week. I will send some good stuff. Any requests, besides letters?
6.well i would love some pictures and any food that you think could survive the trip. but i don’t mind what you send whatever you send will be appreciated.
7.investigators are doing good they are slowly progressing but they will come around.
8.ya we saw frank the other day to do service, help him put up curtains, and we had a powerful lesson afterward it was awesome.
9 Anything new on the pictures? Ask one of the senior couples if they can help you make a cd to send home?
9.I know how to make a CD its just that sending anything thicker than paper in the mail and they open it and take whats inside so i just don’t want ti risk anything like that. 
10 Do people have cats and dogs as pets? are there any unusual pets, but common down there?
10. they have basicly the same pets here there are just more parrots than back home. but one family we teach has a pet tortoise that is pretty cool!!!
11 Do you often see safari type animals? you know giraffes, elephants, etc.
11.not at all those animals are only in game reserves now it kinda stinks but we will go see them sometime. but there are lots of Vervet monkeys we see tham almost every day!
12.the zone conferances are held in a very simmilar place as where we work so its about the same.
13.people are nice as long as they are not racist then it gets pretty scetchy!! but the people are super nice 95% of  the time.
14 If you could say something to someone who is struggling with life, what would you say, and how would you encourage them?
14.well when you struggle you should look at it like God is telling you that you are tougher than you think you are. Because its true He won’t send anything you can’t handle and the harder it is the more God knows how strong you really are. so take that as a challange and be the person God wants you to be.
anyway things are going great. Love you tons!!!!

                                                               Love, Elder Flexy


         I went last Mon. with mom and dad to the lake to winterize it. Ya remember pulling that dead skunk out of the trailor man that was truely aweful!!! I miss mountains there are none here there are just pasy hills but they are pretty to but i want to see big rocks!!!! thats good that your getting all that work done i’m proud of you Baba! Love You

                                                             Love Elder Flexy  

Sunday Best!

Guess what the talks were about in church today? One of my favorite subjects,
 Family History! 
We had two speakers. They both did an excellent job. They were talking about how doing family history has been a neat experience and has blessed their lives. 
The first speaker, Carolyn, talked about an aunt that lives across the country. This aunt is able to go to cemeteries that their ancestors are buried in and do some of their family history. She said that relationship has been so wonderful. She has learned so much from her aunt about her family’s history. I was wishing I had a distant relative like that. Maybe that is one thing I’ll have to work on. 
The second speaker, Wendell, was talking about how he did a “google” search for his ancestor and didn’t find him. So he tried doing a google search for the wife of the man he had already looked for and found them both. Wow! He was even able to take a trip over to England and Wales to do research for his family. I would love that too! It was neat to hear how other’s are doing their family history and loving it. 

If you want to have a neat experience learning about your family history, a good place to start is here!
“You may be confident that your deceased people know where their records are, and you can obtain help through inspiration….if there is anywhere on the earth anything concerning them, you will find it. …but you must continue to work. The spirit of your heart turning towards them will come upon you, and the way will be opened in a marvelous manner, and if there is a scrap of evidence concerning them upon the earth, you will find it. When we have done all that we can do ourselves, the Lord will come to our rescue.” 
                            -Melvin J. Ballard
Hope your Sunday was the Best! 
Love, Joy

Family History Friday (FHF): Journals!

Every person should keep a journal 

and every person can keep a journal. 
It should be an enlightening one and should bring great blessings and happiness to the families. If there is anyone who isn’t doing so, will you repent today and change –change your life?  Spencer W. Kimball Ensign -May 1979.


I found a funny journal entry from one of my journals I thought I’d share with you. The date is July 16, 1977.
I was 15 years old.
“I will probably never go cherry picking again. We picked from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm and I only made $3.40. My friend Trudy made $5.20, because she had a whole crate more than me. I was so beat when I got home, I was almost asleep on my feet. Me and Trudy were gonna ride the bus from where we were picking cherries  home, and we ended up in another city. I had to call my mom to come and get us and bring us home. After Trudy left, I slept till 10:00 pm, then I woke up took a shower and wrote this in my journal. At least I know what it’s like to pick cherries, and I’ll probably never do it again!”

I haven’t always written in my journal. And I don’t always do it now, but I am always glad that I did write the things I have written. Years later, it means so much to me. I have to believe it will mean something to someone else. Imagine my grand kids reading, about me cherry picking and laughing, about the way I describe it or how little money I made. If you haven’t written in a journal yet, try it. I is an experience you won’t regret, and neither will you posterity.
 Theodore M. Burton counseled: “As a people we ought to write of our own lives and our own experiences to form a sacred record for our descendants. We must provide for them the same uplifting, faith-promoting strength that the ancient scriptures now give us” (Ensign, Jan. 1977).
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy 

We all have gifts!

This is Caitlin. 
She is my niece. 
She has a very special gift.
 She can flex her toes like no one’s business!!!
This isn’t the best example…

But this… now this is amazing!!! I tried to flex my piggies and they just don’t do this! This is a 90 degree angle! So then I had my darlin try it. He could do it too. Amazing!!! Some people have the most amazing gifts! 

Dream Come True: You won’t believe this!

This is Kelsey’s purse!
It’s teeny! 
It’s like 9″ wide X 4.5″ deep X 3″ tall. 
You will be amazed @ what fits in 

this teeny purse!!!

Here it comes!




This is amazing!

In case I have cramps and a cold! Chloraseptic, Midol, Lotion, hand sanitizer, receipts, prescription.
What’s with the Beano? Head ache medicine, eye drops, red pills (I think it’s Sudafed), Blistex, Chapstick.

I might need the little green marble, you never know!
Cell phone, iPod, cash (good to have), knife (from Cabela’s), pen.

Mascara, 2 lip glosses, check book, wallet, gum, Tums, bobbie pins, hair elastic, two little coin disc things, Zicam, keys!

She is one amazingly prepared girl!! Hey Kelsey! Can I have one of those Beano’s!?

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 4:3 -email-


1. this week was awesome we did some amazing work our stats this week were probably the best i’ve had on mission!!! we have two more B-dates and we had about ten investigators at the conferance with Elder Holland!!! it was a power week! we had the soccer game on saturday the missionaries vs Berea ward. And we stomped them 4 to 2 and an Elder named Sechinga did a awesome bicycle kick it was sweet!
2.Elder Martin finds out if he is leaving tommorrow so i will let you know whats the deal next week.

3 Have you figured out how to send pictures yet? I was thinking maybe a member has a computer at their home and would make a CD for you to mail home.
3.sorry i haven’t figured it out yet i want to send pictures but i’ll find a way.
4.ya i’m getting letters from home i have received letters from lots of people and they are so nice.
5.yes we do our own laundry
6 Do you have to hang it out to dry? and do you have to iron it to get rid of those flies? (like Uncle Ian used to in Zimbabwe) 
6. we hang dry our clothes and we have to iron them before we wear them but idk about the flies i haven’t seen them.
7 Where do you do your laundry? our boarding
8.ya we eat at members house sometimes and they make really good food so its great.
9.ya we met Elder Holland we had a meeting with him with just the missionaries. it was freakin SWEET!!
10 Did he say anything specific to South Africa and the missionary work there?
10.ya he in roundabout way said we stink at doing missionary work and we need to improve. 🙂 it was kinda funny we still haven’t seen conference
12 If so, what was you favorite talk and why?
12. –
13 If someone asked you if they should go on a mission, what would you say? Are you glad you went?
13.Heck Yes!!!! you should go on a mission when the gospel is all you eat, sleep, and drink you come to realize how wonderful it truly is!!! yes i’m very glad i came out on mission its Freakin Awesome!!!
Its so nice to hear all is going well at home. well see you in a minute!! love you.

                                                                                                Love Elder Flexy

            Its probably a good thing that you switched classes it helps your teaching skills. Ya i get to teach the investigators class in church once a month its pretty fun! so we met this racist guy yesterday he was so funny he was this old white guy and he spoke to us right after the conferance with Elder Holland. He is very interesting man and we might teach him at some point. 🙂 Ya there was a bike race in the city so finding parking for the conferance was super hard but we finally found one. anyway better quit. Love you

                                                                                                  Love Elder Flexy

Sunday Best!

3 Nephi 23:1-3
1 And now, behold, I say unto you, that ye ought to search these things. Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah. 2 For surely he spake as touching all things concerning my people which are of the house of Israel; therefore it must needs be that he must speak also to the Gentiles. 3 And all things that he spake have been and shall be, even according to the words which he spake.
Today, just to mix it up, 
I taught Gospel Doctrine 
instead of Primary. 
That’s a switch! 
I went from teaching the 7-8 yr olds
 to teaching adults, Isaiah. It takes a little more prep time.
Two things I learned while preparing this lesson. 
1-Christ approves of Isaiah. 
He tells us Himself that 
Isaiah’s words are “great.”
2-You can understand what 
Isaiah is saying, 
by study, and by the spirit. 
It was a great experience! 
I love when I’m challenged. 
Hope your Sunday was the best! 
Love, Joy