Our Joyful Nest: ADD Help for Parents

In our family we have six people, a mom (that’s me), a dad, and 4 wonderful children. As each of my children were born the feeling of responsibility increased. I really wanted to be an amazing mom. I really wanted them to have the most wonderful childhood. With these hopes in mind I also became quite overwhelmed. Then one by one three of the children were diagnosed with AttentionĀ Deficit Disorder, ADD. Now it is commonly known as ADHD. So that overwhelmed feeling increased. Three of my wonderful children have had challenges as they were growing up in school, with friends, with responsibility. When I say that it sounds silly a little bit, because every child has challenges growing up. At the time they were struggling, I was struggling too. Everything that other parents did and how their children responded seemed very different than what I was experiencing as a mother. My children were the square peg, and the school and others were trying to fit them into a round hole. I needed help. I read and read any book I could find on parenting. I read books on ADHD. I felt hopeful, and I worked hard at implementing what I had learned. Now my children are all grown up! They are amazing people. I admire them so much for the people they have become.

More to come soon…

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