Today, it has been 7 years since I started my blog!


It’s my blogiversary!!

So here’s a list of 7 things I’ve learned blogging for 7 years:

1-Always remember why you do it.


I don’t spend a lot of time on other peoples blogs. I am trying my best to get a grip in my life and sitting on the computer all day doesn’t help. So if I don’t have a lot of visitors, because I’m not commenting all the time on others blogs, I’m ok with that. I am leaving a journal with stories and what not for my family and anyone else who would like to visit. I love you all!

2-Put your best foot forward.


I struggle sometimes. I prefer to not focus on complaining. It’s really not me anyway. I am a joyful person! I am always looking for the blessings in life.

3-Have variety.


If I always focus on one topic, it’s like I’m talking in a monotone voice. That’s not very fun! So it’s good to mix it up.

4-Be totally honest.


I am, what I am. I love to share what I feel and the adventures I’m having. Sometimes, life is challenging. Maybe if I share how I’m working through a challenge it might help someone else. Who’s to say…;)

5-It takes a lot of effort sometimes, and that’s ok.


Remember Dory? Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

6-“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”


I am a firm believer that love conquers all. I don’t agree with everyone on the internet, and I know they don’t all agree with me, but we can be kind and show love for other humans when we communicate.

7-Sharing what matters most to me is fun!


Sunday’s really are Best! Family History is so fun! Missionaries make me happy! Beautiful Places are beautiful! My Darlin, First Born, Janet, Dream Come True, Most Quoted, Amber, Bonus Baby, Anthony, Grandbabies, and Tayzie mean the world to me! Someday this blog will be a treasure for the people I love, maybe it is already. Either way, it’s here and waiting for a visit from all!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you return often!

Love, Joy



I’ve been going through boxes…still.

I moved a year ago, we downsized.

Somethings you can go through quick, and junk or donate. Somethings take time, like the kids school papers, and family memorabilia. My expectation was that I would scrapbook, or organize as we lived, and experienced the things that are now in boxes, while we were experiencing the memory.


I was busy when they happened,


Now, if you’re one of those mom’s like I was, don’t be hard on yourself. Do the best you can, and someday you can be like me. 😉 I found some pictures today of my kids when they were just tiny. With tears streaming down my cheeks I thought of all the fun we had as a family when they were little. It was the best! I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!!

If I had organized all the things I meant to, I wouldn’t be spending time today thinking about how blessed I’ve been to have children, a sweet darlin, and wonderful memories of all of us growing together!


Riley 2 years old with Uncle Brad


Alex 6 months old with Grandpa


Riley 5 years old and Kelsey 2 years old (me in the background)

She is my Bonus!!!


Happy Birthday sweet Bonus Baby, Emily!!!

22 reasons why I am so glad I’m your mama!

You are:

1-a bonus 2-the cherry on top 3-the cutest caboose 4-beautiful 5-a spiritual giant 6-so sweet 7-thoughtful 8-a good friend 9-motivated 10-adventurous 11-faithful 12-a good example 13-darling 14-fun 15-happy 16-a leader 17-very huggable 18-hard working 19-sensitive 20-easy going 21-trustworthy 22-the best!!!!

I love you so much!!!! 
Have a wonderful Birthday!!

Little Brothers!


Today is my little brother Grant’s birthday- Happy Birthday Grant!!

And on the 2nd of April was my baby brother Larry’s birthday- Happy Birthday Larry!!

Aren’t they so cute?

When we were kids I was often the one in charge when the parents weren’t home. I wish I could say I was always nice to them. I wasn’t.

They really were fun little brothers. They were inseparable.

Grant seemed a little more quiet than Larry when they were kids. Grant has so many talents, and is very creative. He worked hard at college and is a very good provider for his family. He is a leader. One of my favorite things about Grant is, I know he is always doing his best in whatever he accomplishes. You can count on him for love and support! For years it was our tradition to go to the local Parade of Homes together. He loves architecture and I love looking at all of the beautiful homes.  These days, besides being an all around great guy, he is a brilliant photographer of the Great Salt Lake area.

Larry is my baby brother. I don’t know if he likes me calling him that, but I was 9 when he was born and helping mom take care of him was such a fun thing to me. He was my baby. The one I took care of, and hauled around. Now he is a big guy and very lovable. He took state in wrestling in high school. We are all proud of that. He is very generous and loving to all of us. He is so creative and has a lot of projects going all the time. He is the epitome of an entrepreneur. He writes music and stories, and is creative and efficient, and also a great photographer and world traveler. He is my biggest help when it comes to technology (I’m sure he wishes he wasn’t).

Once when we were young I wanted to watch my two favorite shows: Love Boat, and Fantasy Island (I am embarrassed to say that), and the little brothers wanted to watch something else. Well, I was the boss ’cause mom and dad were gone. I said, “No, way!” A few minutes later the little brothers come in the room with picket signs and saying, “Rights for little brothers!” Bouncing the signs up and down. I about lost it! Oh my stars! They were so cute.

I feel so blessed to have these cute little brothers!!! I love you both!


My life would not be complete without you!


Family History Friday: Stories!


Great Grandpa and Grandma Hanson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Knowing stories about our family members, and ancestors is not only fun, it helps us to feel like we can relate to them. It helps us know that they have or had experiences, challenges as well as wonderful things happen in their lives, just like us!

A fun way to record the stories is to have a Family Home Evening.

I found a article that gives us ideas for fun Family Home Evening activities we can do with our families. Visit the site here! After you visit, make a plan for a fun time with family.

Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Are You Feeling It?


I stated in a post several months ago that I struggle with depression. 

The end of March marks one year in our new (old) home.

It has been quite a year! 

These are the things that happened in the last year:

1-We sold our home of 18 years. Left a wonderful neighborhood and church family, and moved to a new wonderful neighborhood and church family.

2-We bought a darling new home, built in 1906 and half the size of our old home.

3-We all lived together in our old home. My oldest with his sweet wife and baby in the basement apartment while they looked for a home, and our three other young adult children going to school, etc.

Not anymore! Oldest son and wife, Riley and Janet bought a home, second son Alex bought a home, and the girls, Kelsey and Emily moved in with him.

Which means….we became “empty nesters!” (Much more difficult than I anticipated)

4-Second son, Alex met and fell in love with his sweetheart, Amber. We had a wedding in October!

5-Girls no longer want to live with brother, Kelsey moves back with us, Emily moves in with Grandmother.

6-Quit my job. It was just too much.

7-Emily met and fell in love with her sweetheart, Anthony. We had a wedding in January. Spent the whole month of January sewing, creating centerpieces, and ordering wedding decor.

Not to mention, that since 2010 we sent Riley to Boot Camp, Alex to South Africa to serve a mission, Kelsey to Texas to serve and mission, and Emily to the West Indies to serve a mission, we received them all home and had three weddings, a funeral for my father-in-law and many other changes, including health issues for my parents. This last five years have probably been the busiest time of my life.

I’m only telling you all of this, because sometimes I think life just wears you out!

I wouldn’t change any of these experiences for anything, but I feel pooped. The state of my mind doesn’t help sometimes.

The reason I titled this post “Are You Feeling It” is, because I consider feelings very important.  There are feelings of worry, fear for the future, for the safety of family, etc. Sometimes when I have feelings come to mind that are not helpful to me, I have learned some pretty good coping skills, like looking for all the good things that are happening, also making sure I am taking care of myself.

I would say the feeling I long for most on a consistent basis is Peace. I really want to feel that all the time, but that may be too unrealistic.

There are times when I want to feel close to my Father in Heaven. It’s not that I don’t feel Him to a certain extent, but not the way I want to feel Him. It could be my happy pill, sometimes I’ve heard from others taking medication that they can’t even cry. The pill makes them feel numb. I need the pill to be my best, but I want to know He is there for me. That I am of infinite worth to Him. I want to know He is hearing my prayers and answering them.

I have decided it is an issue of Faith, for me. I was studying Faith and thought, maybe I don’t have enough Faith.

In the Bible dictionary it says Faith is a principle of action. You know how people say to “exercise” Faith. I thought that explains a lot…I never really like to “exercise.” Haha 🙂 (I wish I could say I was kidding. I know, exercise releases endorphins.) So anyway, if Faith is a principle of action, I decided to make a list of things I could do to “exercise” Faith. Here it is: Study my scriptures, pay my tithing and offerings, attend all my church meetings, take the sacrament in a meaningful way-thinking about the Savior and His atonement for me, doing my best at my church calling, also really putting an effort into saying heartfelt prayers at least morning and before bed. I already do these things, but maybe not my very best effort. I committed to build my Faith.

And guess what?

It helped. I started noticing things in my day going smoother, or having some tiny insignificant thing go just right. I even had answers to prayers come in a way I could not deny. I know there may be some doubters, but I felt it! I felt Him. I felt Him loving me and I am feeling much better than I have for a year.

If you are struggling with your Faith, do your best to put your desire to increase your Faith into action. This lets Heavenly Father know you are willing to do your part, to act, to meet Him in the middle or even more. Whatever it takes, do it! I can say I can Feel it, and I am so grateful for my increased Faith.

Happy 60th Anniversary!


I love it that these two people got married on Friday the 13th! Only 60 years ago today.

Nancy and Pearce are my in-laws, and I love them so much! We had a nice dinner this evening with Nancy and the kids. Pearce passed away a few years ago. We miss him. It just goes to show you that Friday the 13th in lucky for some!!!