Primary Kids!

This is Alyssa! I taught her in Primary last year. She was eating a blue sucker. I love it! So here’s a funny story about Alyssa…
I absolutely love serving in the Primary. The children are so much fun and entertaining. Last Sunday the funniest thing happened. The sister who did Sharing Time talked to the kids about prayer and near the end of her lesson, she told the story about the monk who invented the pretzel. He made it look like arms folded in prayer. She gave each of the kids a handful of pretzels. Next, it was time for singing. In preparation for our Primary program, this little group of six years olds, who were going to sing a song for the program, were called up to practice in front of everyone. Alyssa wasn’t finished with her pretzels, so she set them on her chair, and said to the little girl sitting next to her, “Don’t touch those.” Then she went up to the front, which was only about 5 feet away, and turned to face the audience. (This is the best part) She took her first two fingers and pointed at her own eyes, and then pointed them toward the little girl who was sitting there next to her pretzels, like “I’m watching you!” I laughed so hard. What a funny thing!!

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 3:5 -email-
So this week has been awesome!!! I went on splits with an elder that just got here a week or so ago. so it was basically  two greenies in one day of work but we did really good in the end. i caught a bug so I’ve been a little sick but nothin big.
1.well i like our flat but elder martin said its one of the worse in the mission.
2.we have beds and we sleep very well.
3.P-day we do any odds and ends we need to take care of and sports and thats pretty much it.
4.Moses Mabida stadium is in our area and the ocean are the only really big sites in our area.
5 Do the internet cafe’s have the capability to burn a CD? One of the missionary mom’s said their son would drop off their memory card at the cafe in the morning and then pick it up later with a CD. They would then send the CD home. When the CD had arrived safe and the parents had downloaded the pictures, then the elder would erase the memory card
5.I’m not sure about this one but i’ll look into it.
6 Can you attach and email some pictures each week? 
6.i will test this one next time and see if i can send them.
7.our area has both rich and poor we have a place called La Lucia and its super rich nice mansion houses and than places like Overport that are just poor apartment buildings.
8. ours is a ward they just combined Beria branch and Durban north branch to make a ward and its a good ward nothing like at home. our ward is basically a convert ward there are very few born members in the wards so it makes things interesting.:)
9.we eat curry, Briani (kinda like rice),samp which is like very soft corn kernels, and Pop which is like mashed potatoes but different but its good.
10 Have you eaten anything fruit or vegetable that you have never heard of before?
10.well we had these lime things that were dipped in chili sauce so its sour and spicy and its wasn’t good.
11.yes Elder Martins family are active in the church his dad is the stake president back home
12 Are you teaching well together? 
12.we are teaching ok the ways we teach are so different so its hard but we are working good together.
13.i do stick out like a sore thumb people a lot of the time just stare at me its kinda funny.
Anyway things are going great and I’m working hard. love you

Love, Elder Flexy      

thats good that you have been painting. we were painting these peoples roof the other day and i almost fell off! it was pretty funny but mission is going great there is a possibility i might get a new companion this next transfer because this area is a hard area they never keep someone there too long. so we will just wait and see. Ya playing golf sounds really fun right now but we will be playing soccer in an hour or so anyway. well talk to you soon.
Love, Elder Flexy

Sunday Drive!

We went on a Sunday drive to see the autumn leaves! 
They were beautiful, but I think they’ll be even
 more beautiful next weekend!
It was almost sundown, so the light wasn’t that great.
But, they still look pretty!

There’s a lot of green still!

Nice little hill!

It was a nice Sunday drive, I love fall and the cooler weather. I can tell the days are getting shorter. Pretty soon, I’ll be leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I love the seasons!

Sunday Best!

Each of You Is Unique

My dear sisters, each of you is unique. You are different from each other in many ways. There are those of you who are married. Some of you stay at home with your children, while others of you work outside your homes. Some of you are empty-nesters. There are those of you who are married but do not have children. There are those who are divorced, those who are widowed. Many of you are single women. Some of you have college degrees; some of you do not. There are those who can afford the latest fashions and those who are lucky to have one appropriate Sunday outfit. Such differences are almost endless. Do these differences tempt us to judge one another?
Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun who worked among the poor in India most of her life, spoke this profound truth: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” The Savior has admonished, “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” I ask: Can we love one another, as the Savior has commanded, if we judge each other? And I answer—with Mother Teresa—“No; we cannot.”
—President Thomas S. Monson
Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

Family History Friday (FHF): Immigration!

Did you have ancestors come to 
 in late 1800’s to early 1900’s? If so, they may have passed through Ellis Island. This experience was usually quite difficult. Before they even arrived at Ellis Island, they traveled across the ocean on a ship usually in the steerage class. It was over crowded and unsanitary. Many were quarantined on the island for some time until they were allowed to enter New York. If you ever get the chance go see for yourself don’t miss it. The building is a museum full of histories and information. But if you can’t make a trip there, you can take a tour at their sight here!!
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy 3:4 -email-
I found a way to get a little more info from our Elder. I number my questions and he answers them without having to type as much. The questions in red are mine with the answer after. 
My week was great! so about the memory card don’t worry i didn’t send it yet. I said i would but then i heard some stories about them being stolen so i’m gonna find a way to send them home through E-mail instead cause i’m not gonna lose those memories.
1.we email at an email cafe in central durban.
2.ya it does cost its five rand [a rand is about .15 US] an hour so its super cheap.
3.there isn’t a time limit but we are only supposed to do it for half an hour.
4.yes elder martin emails as well.
5-Maybe you aren’t writing much because you don’t want to make him wait? we just don’t have that much time to email so its hard to get it done.
6.yes me being not a great typer is part of the problem.
7-Do you email your President? i don’t email him but we fax him a letter once a week usually.
8.we are still teaching like crazy and finding like crazy too!
9-Would you like us to write letters?
9.yes i would like real letters they are very nice, also while we are on the subject if you send me a christmas package (you don’t have too) just fill a box with letters from anybody you can think of and send it and also if you can find a starwars sound track (yes that is ok) for p day that would be sweet! i didn’t tell anyone about your blog that is me i check it once in a while just to see whats happening.
11-Have you met anyone who you feel a special bond to? Like you have known them before or like you just click with this person?
11.well there is this investigator named ___ and he seems to have a soft spot for me he has this trust in me and i have vowed to baptize him.
so there is a reason why i haven’t gotten into to spacfic things in my emails is really because this is a very scetchy place lots of dodgey things happen. and i didn’t want you to worry because i know nothing is gonna happen but it is a dangerous place. about four months ago an elder was kidnapped and held for ransom but the lord prepared a way for him to escape. so don’t worry the lord protects his special ops. force without fail so don’t worry. but i have seen lots of cool things like the indian ocean. we saw a beached whale. its super humid and hot here its pretty brutal but i’m starting to like it. anyway thats all for now love you!!!
                                        Love Elder Flexy
things are going great here!! thats great that you get to build these shelves and stuff its good for you. ya well your bucket of responsibilities has always been full so thats no change!!:) i guess people just need your services. ya i’m glad Keifer got his eagle. my companion told me that scouts here is bad news. he said one time his troop they stripped one of the kids naked tied him to a chair and left him on this old Gogo’s [a gogo is a grandma in Zulu] porch!!!! i thought that was pretty funny. yes we do quite a bit of service in the morning because no one is home to teach. this last saturday we scrubbed and painted this indian families roof it was fun we will do it for a long time because its super big. anyway the work is going great. Love you.
                                       Love Elder Flexy

Sunday Best!

My Favorite Primary Song
How could the Father tell the world
 of love and tenderness?

He sent His Son a newborn babe
 with peace and holiness.

How could the Father show the world
 the pathway we should go?

He sent His Son to walk with men
 on earth that we may know.

How could the Father tell the world
 of sacrifice of death?

He sent His Son to die for us, 
then rise with living breath.

What does the Father ask of us? 
What do the scriptures say?

Have faith, have hope, 
live like His Son,
help others on their way.

What does he ask, 
Live Like His Son.
Here it is! I love it!
(Don’t forget to stop the music at the bottom first)

Hope your Sunday was the Best! Love, Joy

Family History Friday (FHF):To Do List!

One place that you can find forms that will help with your research is at They have forms and many other research helps. Have you ever felt like you going in circles. Someone once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” One form that I use and have found helpful is a “To do list”. This form could be used for each family member in organizing your search for them, in an orderly way. You can find the form here! Don’t just go round and round, make a plan!
Happy Family History Friday! Love, Joy

Howzit-Elder Flexy!

Elder Flexy  3:3 -Letter-

Mama, Baba,
Things are going great I’m learning so much. And my testimony has grown so much already. I’m trying to be a good teacher today, we went on splits and I was in charge. It was pretty scetchy cause  I don’t know the area well. But it worked out good. About your question: “Why do we have to go through hard things in this life?” Well, first this life is a test and it must be hard. In the words of Elder Martin my companion, “We are like a soccer team, if we play against little girls, we don’t get any better. But if we play against the best we become the best.” And God won’t give us a trial we can’t overcome. Anyway, better stop for now. Love, Elder Flexy