Missionary Monday: Elder F. in Ghana!

My trainer is going home. This is the last picture we took.

This last week Elder A. and I had the wonderful opportunity to venture into the Upper East region of Ghana, where the Church has one branch. We conducted companionship exchanges with our elders up there, and it was a blast. The branch there is doing AMAZING. It was great to go up and teach a bunch of people. Thursday I was with Elders A. and S., we rode bikes all around the area and taught like crazy. I love building relationships with the members of our zone, and it was really great to see our elders that are so far from our area (about 3 hours to be precise). The scenery is different than our area, I tried to take some pictures to show you.

We also had a zone conference this past week. President Cosgrave came up and the whole zone gathered for the meeting. We talked a lot about the power of prayer and what it means to plan with a purpose. As I looked around at all our zone members, I could not help but feel gratitude in my heart for each and every one of them. T. really is a special place, and the missionaries in our zone are what make it so great. I will be so sad to see some of them leave on transfer.
I have come to understand that one of the reasons I love T. is because of the challenges. In order to succeed here, you need to consciously rely on God in everything you do. My prayers have become a lot more sincere since I came to this place. I have started studying the life of the Savior in greater depth. I have committed The Living Christ to memory, and I always recite it to myself when times are tough. T. is such a blessing to me and my conversion, and I will forever be grateful for it.
I hope many of you were able to see the broadcast from the new First Presidency. We are so blessed to have inspired leaders on the earth today. I know that as long as we follow their counsel, we will be blessed. I hope all of you have a great week, and remember to KEEP ON THE COVENANT PATH!
-Elder F

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