He’s a One Year Old!

This sweet little guy is a one year old!!! We have had so much fun with him this last year. What a wonderful soul he is! He is the happiest baby I’ve ever known. He had a blast eating and playing with his cake.He had this look of contemplation on his face.

Maybe he was thinking about how fast the first year of his life has gone? Or how much he’s learned? or maybe how much he loves being here on earth? 

He for sure knows he is loved immensely by his family!

This is what pure joy looks like. I love him so much! Happy Birthday sweet Adrian!


Happy Birthday Darling Boy!!!

Happy Birthday to this wonderful grandson, Julian!

He is such a blessing in our family. He just turned 3 years old, and he is doing so many great things. He loves cars, and skateboards just like his dad. He is such a good brother to his big sister and little brother!We were invited to his party and it was so fun!

He got lots of great gifts, and had a big red cupcake cake shaped like a car!

It was yummy!

His party was a few days before his actual birthday, so grandma and grandpa stopped by to give him a treat and steal some hugs!!

I love this little guy.

I have always said, “Grandkids are your reward for not killing your kids!” I’m so glad that during some of those challenging years, we didn’t do away with Julian’s daddy!

Eight is Great!

Today it has been eight years since I started my blog. 

As I read through the blog, I am so happy that I have been able to share these stories and experiences with everyone!

I am so thankful that I have written them down.

They are a treasure to me.

My life and all that I have experienced is wonderful. Even the challenges have taught me so much. Some of the best things I’ve learned in the last eight years are:

1-Family is everything. I can’t imagine my life with out my family. Both the one I grew up in and the one I have with my Darlin. I feel blessed to have a sweet husband, wonderful children, and I am in love with my beautiful grandchildren. I’m thankful I have a blog full of memories of my family.

2-A knowledge of God and my Savior, Jesus Christ is a blessing in my life everyday. The gospel gives me direction, and hope for my life. 

3-I am so thankful for my ancestors. The family who came before me, and who paved the way so that life would be better for me. They left homes they knew, for the unknown. They gave up comfort for the challenge of a journey to a new life. I can’t imagine what they went through, but I am so thankful. I love them!

4-Grandbabies are the best!!! I am completely in love with them! They are my reward for not killing my kids. Haha. But seriously, how wonderful it is to have these sweet little people who I get to love, and spoil, and then send them home. It is the best!

Thank you for your visit to my blog!

I love to have you come. 

10 Reasons Why I love Being a Grandma!

When we first became parents, we were thrilled.

A tiny human was now part of our lives and we were overwhelmed, but looking forward to a lifetime of getting to know our child. How would we do it all? There was so much to learn. There were so many new emotions and concerns we had never even thought of, like, making sure he pooped and peed enough. How much formula is just the right amount? What if he won’t burp? At times he would not stop crying, why?

It all worked itself out. We did it! We have been and are successful parents. Yay!!!

Now the reward.

We get to be grandparents!

Let me tell you the 10 reasons why I love being a grandma!

10-Grandchildren are a blessing!

It is amazing how blessed I feel knowing that I get to have these little ones in my life.


9-Their little happy faces light up when they see you.

When we drive up to the house and they are waiting for us- it’s the best.


8-Grandchildren are adorable.

It is almost impossible to see your grandchild and not want to squish her (or him).


7-Little hugs around the neck are the best. 

To have my grandchildren hug me is to know that I am an important part of their world.


6-Grandchildren are very entertaining.

They are cute, funny, silly, dramatic, and emotional.


5-Spoiling them is expected.

It is so fun to buy them things, make them things, feed them things, and kiss them, and hug them, and love them so much!!

4-Grandchildren have sweet little piggy’s on their feet that need kisses.


3-They are your reward for not killing your kids.

I’m so glad I didn’t kill their dad when he was a teenager. Really.IMG_0179

2-Grandchildren remind us that God is good, and that the world must go on. 

How can you doubt it when you see that face?


1-When you’re a grandparent you get to send them home, and get a good nights sleep!!


Grandparenthood rocks! 

Now for the great news!  This little guy will be joining our family in September!


Look at this precious little soul!

Can you stand it?

I can’t wait to be a grandma…again!

I am so excited for this new baby to love!!!


Today, it has been 7 years since I started my blog!


It’s my blogiversary!!

So here’s a list of 7 things I’ve learned blogging for 7 years:

1-Always remember why you do it.


I don’t spend a lot of time on other peoples blogs. I am trying my best to get a grip in my life and sitting on the computer all day doesn’t help. So if I don’t have a lot of visitors, because I’m not commenting all the time on others blogs, I’m ok with that. I am leaving a journal with stories and what not for my family and anyone else who would like to visit. I love you all!

2-Put your best foot forward.


I struggle sometimes. I prefer to not focus on complaining. It’s really not me anyway. I am a joyful person! I am always looking for the blessings in life.

3-Have variety.


If I always focus on one topic, it’s like I’m talking in a monotone voice. That’s not very fun! So it’s good to mix it up.

4-Be totally honest.


I am, what I am. I love to share what I feel and the adventures I’m having. Sometimes, life is challenging. Maybe if I share how I’m working through a challenge it might help someone else. Who’s to say…;)

5-It takes a lot of effort sometimes, and that’s ok.


Remember Dory? Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

6-“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”


I am a firm believer that love conquers all. I don’t agree with everyone on the internet, and I know they don’t all agree with me, but we can be kind and show love for other humans when we communicate.

7-Sharing what matters most to me is fun!


Sunday’s really are Best! Family History is so fun! Missionaries make me happy! Beautiful Places are beautiful! My Darlin, First Born, Janet, Dream Come True, Most Quoted, Amber, Bonus Baby, Anthony, Grandbabies, and Tayzie mean the world to me! Someday this blog will be a treasure for the people I love, maybe it is already. Either way, it’s here and waiting for a visit from all!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you return often!

Love, Joy


Six Years!!!

It’s been another year of blogging!!! 

It’s been SIX years!!!

Let’s see…what has happened in this last year? 

I became a Grandma for the second time to the cutest “Lil’ Dude.”


I got a new job,

welcomed home my sweet missionary and “Bonus Baby”,


 and moved to a new home after 18 years in our old home.

photo (24)It has been a very busy year!

I feel so blessed and life is full.

I haven’t been super good at posting:(, but I do love sharing fun stories and pictures and things about myself and my life. I hope you have enjoyed coming to visit and I hope you’ll come again! Leave a comment if you’d like, that way I’ll know you where here. 

I keep blogging a long mainly so my family has a history of “US”. Here’s a great quote that explains how I feel:

“Every family has keepsakes. Families collect furniture, books, porcelain, and other valuable things, then pass them on to their posterity. Such beautiful keepsakes remind us of loved ones now gone and turn our minds to loved ones unborn. They form a bridge between family past and family future.

Every family has other, more valuable, keepsakes. These include genealogies, family stories, historical accounts, and traditions. These eternal keepsakes also form a bridge between past and future and bind generations together in ways that no other keepsake can.”-Dennis B. Neuenschwander

Please visit again!

Love, Joy

Tender Mercies!

BeautifulBirdWhen we were getting ready for Riley and Janet’s wedding, we spent many hours creating decorations. We were having lots of fun preparing! One of the things we were working on was some tree slices for the tables for centerpieces. We used some of the wood we had from a tree my darlin cut down. After he cut the first slices they started to split, and the bark was coming off. We realized we would have to do something different, or find some different wood and start over.

One other thing I need to mention is that two days after the wedding we planned on dropping Emily off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). So we had a wedding on Monday and dropped our baby off on Wednesday. We would not see Emily for 18 months. Needless to say it was a very busy, exciting, and emotional time.

So, back to the tree slices. We called and checked around for possible replacements. My darlin had chopped down a neighbors tree a while before, so we called them to see if we could come see if any of the wood would work for our project. As I sat on the patio waiting to go to the neighbors, I started to cry. I said a little prayer, “Heavenly Father, please help things to work out.” Right after I said that, I looked near the bird feeder and there was a little puddle of water on the ground. In the puddle was a tiny little bird washing itself. It would flap it’s wings and move around. It was precious. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Everything is going to OK!” I can’t explain why, but that little bird helped me to feel peace at that moment. I said a prayer of thanks, and we went up to the neighbors. We looked at the all the wood piled at the neighbors house, and there wasn’t anything really that we felt like would work. So we left and on the way back down the hill we noticed a long, perfectly straight log sitting underneath a tree in another neighbors yard. We passed by and both of us looked at each other and said, “Did you see that?” We turned around and my darlin went to the door and asked the neighbor if they were going to use the log. She said that she was just waiting for someone to come and take it away. Wow! We asked if we could have it. She was happy to be rid of it! That log made the most beautiful tree slices you’ve ever seen!! I felt so blessed, and loved to think that Father in Heaven had helped our situation to “be OK!”  If fact it was wonderful!

I love to watch for tender mercies in my life. I know Father is aware of me. He watches out for all of us, and blesses us. Our job is to notice the little things and give thanks!!